Floral beauty

Joseph owns an island where he has planted roses.. A troubled relation with his wife’s sister lands him into a mess with his wife too and reasons for this mess..

A few years back..

Joseph ‘Tina.. your sister Gina does not love intimacy…’

Tina ‘Joseph… we got closer because of Gina..  I still remember your fascination for roses and Gina loves it so much.. and then you gave me the most blossomed one and..’

Joseph ‘I planted a kiss on your lips’

Tina. . ‘yes was shocked… but somewhere something ignited in me’

Tina hugs Joseph and there.. a knock knock

Gina ‘how dare you…  just move out of house.. ‘

Tina ‘he is mine’

Joseph ‘Tina.. I really love Gina.. so..’

Gina ‘just get lost’

Joseph comes to present..

With fully blossomed roses, buds all around..

Joseph pens a thought

‘Hiding our feelings behind the flower

Expressing our feelings with flower

Love blossoms so many times

Why is flower’s life so less?

Is it a lesson that flora

and love are similar?

Enjoy its warmth when

it exists as it will soon wither away too?

One of his worker comes and gives him a cup of coffee

He is seeing the birds happily moving up

He is seeing the green leaves all around

Lots of thorns strewn around

Roses looking lovely and beautiful

as his workers neatly pack it for exports



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