PASSION Revisited

PASSION is a strong desire to achieve an object. The obvious outcome to it is some sort of happiness in form of security, pleasure, growth and self indulgence.

Startups are growing in large number and each have passion to do some contribution to society..

Amar ‘why does it inflict pain?’

Neiro ‘it is a form of endurance test’

Amar ‘why is it correlated to entrepreneurship?’

Neiro ‘because an individual needs to have a very strong motivation to do something’

Amar ‘how?’

Neiro ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK talks of Maslow’s theory and Theory of Equity.. one of the root causes for any sufferings or any growth comes from those dimensions. If someone feels they are not getting what they wished, they begin a revolution..  if someone feels they solve a universal pain point, a venture begins.. a mission begins..  Self Actualization is the last step in that journey.. in each layers we are trying to balance self..’

Amar ‘Does it really happen.. the balancing act’

Neiro is silent… he looks upward and then sighs

‘any theorem needs validations and proofs..  to validate a framework, it takes years, decade… but just as an example..


PROBING = probe a problem

INNOVATE = think how you can solve the problem

ACTING = you need to take appropriate steps to solve the problem

SCOPE = scope the solutions.. and do not try to solve entire problem at one go

SETTING = solve it in an environment where you feel the pain points are large

OWNING = own the problem and solution and build awareness to community

NURTURING = nurture that community to adapt the solution for universal usage

The method to solve the problem is defined by the implementer.. This is where there is a need for multiple mental faculty trainers to help startups realize that solutions are not only to scale business value but also to scale human value.  The methods cannot be prescriptive in nature else creativity would be lost.



I have been researching on PASSION FRAMEWORK and PASSION for almost 2 decade now.. and every day is a learning experience. My effort is to keep this blog educate, entertain and motivate individuals..  All stories are of fiction nature and not bearing to any dead or alive and if any resemblance exists, it is accidental…





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