Magic of Formulae

Joy has a penchant for working on various management formulae for success..

He arrives at a formulae


All are surprised at this vague mathematical formulae.. A contradiction.. when he spells out this formulae..

Joy narrates a real incidence..

Joy used to be very detached from everyone.. including his wife.. spiritually inclined.. he feels that succumbing to god is the only way for salvation..

His wife Celine is fedup of him..

Celine ‘am sick and tired.. no romance left in life.. why you even create formulae in first place..  science is not about just theories.. it is also about practicé’

Joy hugs Celine and kisses her cheeks

Joy ‘Celine.. you are the only one whom I experiment with.. and then others’

Celine ‘why but.. why all this.. ‘

Joy  ‘what are you pursuing these days’

Celine ‘found a cool boy friend for self and am experimenting with food processing stuffs.. I plan to partner with him and have a manufacturing plant’

Joy ‘cool…       all the best… do take care of Joseph… he needs you too’

Celine ‘here comes the male aspect of relation.. you too look after him.. why me’

Joy ‘cool.. no problems… ‘

After few months… both are at restaurant

Joy ‘so… how was my identified formulae?’

Celine ‘are you crazy…. we are meeting after months.. and you again on formulae

Joy ‘you separated from me… and then you got focused on your startup and new boy friend’

Celine ‘yes as you never cared for me’

Joy ‘I got separated from my work and got focused being with my kid and ensuring the kid goes to school, eats well’

Celine is silent now

Joy ‘hope you get the message now..  Attachment = Detachment plus focus only..

Each attachments has a detachment behind it…

Celine hugs Joy

Celine ‘this is where.. I always love you.. you are unique.. you are different.. and even after being with someone else.. find you still charming, humble and I think.. I will need to again come back to you’

Joy ‘so again detachment from your BF?’

Celine ‘hey… now enough..  ‘

The audience is spellbound.. and give a big clap..

PASSION FRAMEWORK is all about discovering the hidden truths out of life which can help an entrepreneur look at each perspective of life in a different way..

All formulae, concepts originated here are original in nature.. and in story format to entertain folks.. An experiment to mix theory with logic and convert same in entertaining format..



One thought on “Magic of Formulae

  1. Claribel says:

    Incredible points. Outstanding arguments. Keep up the good

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