Independence Day

Sam is attending Independence Day Parade and observes people seem to be too much in love with the country and respect it with full attention.

His girl friend Roma has a past..

Her lover Ronnie was killed on the same day 2 years back.. Mystery is unknown..

Sam ‘Roma.. come out of past’

Roma ‘a piece of land.. it gets divided into so many pieces.. and then…. ‘

Sam ‘life is such , that if we try to give our heart to so many people, even our girl friend will not love it’

Roma ‘precisely..  Nature decided to create water distribution on self.. but when a bund was built.. it deprived many small towns of water supply… my boy friend Ronnie tried to question this.. and he would question so many small corruptions happening  and then ”

Sam ‘we need to be independent of our existing actions and think in retrospect.. Do we really care for the country? Do we help someone selflessly? If answer is no.. Just treat this day as a celebration of getting together.. and make some wishlist.. some purpose and try to solve that purpose through groups’

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