love talks

“love is not what is heard and read but what is unheard and unread. feelings is not which is felt and experienced but what is sustained and in memory even after the lover distances away for some time”

She.. kept saying this till she disappeared far away..

John never realized what he missed out.. when he cheated on her and took away all her shares from the startup cofounded by Louisa

John has a gulp of wine and discusses with his friend Mark

John ‘does love really exist in today’s word’

Mark ”not sure… I really do not know.. you are asking to someone who is expert in broken relation’

John ‘she was not bad.. why I did this to her?’

Mark ‘sometimes greed takes over our mental faculties and then… we loose whomsoever or whatsoever you have… I guess you are a victim of greed’

John ‘why it happened.. I was so much in love with her…’

Mark ‘you got attracted to that investor Nancy and there the problem occurred’

John ‘sometimes.. we really stoop so low.. to get things done… tell me what I should do.. she is catching a flight to Austin’

Mark ‘dear.. love talks can happen latter.. go.. hold her.. before it is too late’

John ‘does it not sound clichéd.. familiar.. like some Indian movie’

Mark ‘John… life incidents get depicted in film.. may be dramatic.. but you made your life dramatic.. what else… greed, emotions, ditch.. .all this you got into.. go’

John rushes to airport..

Louisa is just reaching out…to get into the airport

She bumps into a celebrity Khan …

Khan ‘oh.. goodness. you seem like my movie heroine… I too had this particular scene where I had to rush to catch hold of my beloved.. you look so sad’

Louisa smiles…

John rushes to Louisa and hugs her..

Khan smiles at the scene and whispers ‘hold love dear.. I too teach love only.. but in films.. sometimes people find me repetitive but then… love also is repetitive so get used to same love with same people over and again’


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