startup napkins

startup napkins for sale..

a bold picture put all over the various entrepreneur meet ups…

all look at it with laughter…

Susan the founder is smiling gleefully.

One of the investor comes to her desk..

Investor ‘Susan… not sure.. how you got funded?’

Susan ‘booked at US$300 x 10 event location simultaneously’

Investor ‘why will they ever take it.. you are not trying to promote sanitary napkins?’

Susan looks at Investor with a smile..

Susan ‘even if it is.. so what.. am also a startup’

Investor is shocked but looks at Susan in more determination..

Investor ‘what is startup napkins?’

Susan ‘one which wipes sweat from a face smoothly and surely.. try it out’

Investor tries one and is zapped

Susan ‘in built coolant.. it cools your mind.. and you can use before pitch presentation’

Investor ‘but so many napkins exist in market’

Susan shares the Investor’s mind thought in a mobile app..

Investor ‘cool’

Susan ‘your sweat is too cold…  it indicates you are running in losses’

Investor begins laughing..

Investor ‘how much you plan to raise?’

Susan ‘100K only’

Investor ‘done.. disruptive, innovative, good style.. I like it’


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