Broken Pieces of Life

Sam and Jane both are great friends and began their journey through same old government cottages provided to their parents..

As they both fell in love midway somewhere in early life, they never realized life would drift them apart..

Sam ‘did you ever realize how much I missed you all these years’

Jane is silent..

Sam ‘Jane.. I agree, I cheated on you for moving ahead in life.. but I also asked forgiveness’

Jane has drop of tears..

Sam ‘never knew.. we would meet at Kanyakumari of all places’

Jane looks at the 3 oceans merging..

Sam ‘life is such that it moves you in so many directions and then there needs a convergence’

Jane looks at Sam

Sam comes closer to Jane..

Sam ‘am here to set up a fishery unit and it will help multiple fishermen’

Jane ‘am here to understand what did Swami Vivekanand feel finally with outcome of life’

Sam ‘Love is all about forgiving and forgetting..  sometimes we mess up with small ego’s.. I just cheated you to not inform you of that female.. who was my business partner..’

Jane ‘but you did get close to her’

Sam ‘you know this eco system.. so many folks.. so many ventures.. so many directions.. no convergence for self…  I got closer to her to only an extent where she could move up in life’

Jane ‘but why you didn’t inform me?’

Sam ‘do you know a doctor-patient relation.. very precarious.. reasons if patient comes closer to doctor.. doctor needs to self control and vice versa… I maintained that balance hence I could develop this model’

Jane ‘Swami realized that true liberation is all about giving away.. am just about to.. and you again bumped into my life’

Sam ‘water can raise to heights in tide.. emotions too.. but just when we walk at seas shore.. we realize all broken pieces of life finally can get tied up.. if all those pieces are still with you’

Jane ‘not sure where I lost you’

Sam ‘you haven’t hence we met in the beautiful sun rise.. shining over us.. Jane.. let us make a new beginning’

Jane hugs Sam..

Jane ‘I always wonder how to cope up with an individual having public life.. I cannot.. Am possessive’

Sam ‘relax Jane.. I do agree.. you have that temperament.. but then.. I am willing to arrive at a formulae’

Jane ‘what?’

Sam ‘my mobile, face book, whatsapp.. all IDs will be available to you.. nothing deleted..’

Jane ‘no I trust you.. I have a simpler formulae.. I will block the ones I feel uncomfortable with and you will need to explain to me why you got comfortable with them and this way all broken pieces of life will join by self’

Sam smiles..

Sam ‘are women born to be possessive?’

Jane ‘no.. even Men do.. it is not a gender issue.. but we are trying to look at that aspect of life which breaks so many lives’

Sam ‘forming a program how to over come possessiveness?’

Jane ‘yes’

Sam ‘I can invest in this.. it is a good concept.. I guess many takers will come’

Sam and Jane are happily eating Idlis in the road side joint and see a poor person asking for Alms

Sam ‘Jane.. life gives us everything… we never look at ones who are more miserable then us and end up being miserable with whatsoever we have’

Jane smiles and asks for coffee which is being served hot..

Jane ‘I love the people.. so simple.. so innocent’

Sam ‘hope this fishery project kicks out well’


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