beloved weeps

beloved ‘I am crying so much.. why you not caring for me’

boy friend ‘I am collecting your tears dear.. you cry so much that I am thinking of having an IOT device to count number of tear drops and moment it exceeds 10, laughing gas will emit and you will begin laughing’

beloved ‘how funny.. this is the way you care for me’

boyfriend ‘the moment you smile.. a counter would be sent to internet.. to monitor how many days you smile in a day’

beloved ‘you are absolute idiot.. this is not done’

boy friend ‘yes your annoyance will be tracked too.. ‘

beloved ‘this is last straw.. am not going to take it any longer.. I will leave and go for ever’

boy friend holds her hand..

boy friend ‘there will be a pain healer spray in my forehead automatically whenever you talk emotionally of leaving me..  some machine learning principles used on some terms like ‘leaving you’, ‘shut up’, ‘mind your own business’..

beloved is watching sea waves and wondering from where she found this nut of a guy

boy friend ‘I cannot monitor what you think in your mind yet’


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