Frozen Food

Nancy is an expert cook but hates frozen food. Her boy friend  James is absolutely unaware of cooking and prays that he gets to be cooked frozen food wherever he goes..

Nancy ‘please learn cooking.. it is bad.. it will distort your stomach motions’

James ‘I am in love with you.. and cooking is also one of contributor.. to reach your boyfriend’s heart.. it is through stomach’

Nancy ‘I will teach you cooking’

James is 2 miles away from where Nancy stays

James calls up Nancy ‘Hello.. I am boiling the food’

Nancy ‘good.. get going’

2 minutes later

James ‘I overheated it.. the food has moved up’

Nancy ‘it is tough.. even if I wish to.. you do not want to learn’

Nancy gives fresh food to James..

James ‘thanks for coming here and serving me.. tell me is it really a pain point ?’

Nancy ‘no.. almost all in world know cooking’

James ‘why I cannot’

Nancy ‘your mind and heart has got frozen for somethings.. we humans at times condition our body and mind… refuse to learn.. refuse to attempt.. we never try.. we are scared of failure.. we are scared.. and even lazy… hence you are not wanting to cook… you feel food is easily available.. so why attempt’

James looks sheepishly

Nancy ‘am starting a fresh food breakfast concept.. ‘

James ‘this works only in Asian countries.. I don’t think it will work’

Nancy ‘James.. please attempt.. you just need to send parcels to the folks who wish it.. during lunch hours’

James ‘security.. I doubt.. will it really work?’

Nancy ‘try it out..’

2 months latter

James ‘seriously it is giving better results.. frozen food to fresh foods.. what a journey it is…  ‘





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