Show must go on and on and on

Movie Multiplex owner Rob is worried.. Not much traffic to their multiplexes.

They shut down a few screens..

Rob ‘these days folks open multiplex as if they are opening training centers.. In each street a multiplex’

Saira ‘movies too come in dozens’

Rob ‘that multiplex screwed our business

Saira ‘how to bring that crowd back?’

Rob ‘Show must go on and on and on.. what else.. have plays arranged now’

Saira ‘play?’

Rob ‘real time play..  stories given on spot and actors need to act.. dress.. everything in flat 2 hours.. 1 hour preparation, 1 hour play..  preparation too shown live

Saira ‘this is path breaking’

Rob ‘let us not go back to a decade earlier and you know how our marriage too was not short of drama.. ‘

Saira ‘true.. show must go on and on.. many obstacles will come.. manmade, nature.. everything.. but think disruptively.. think for sure.. business will grow for sure’



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