Startup Idea

A ‘I just got an idea and my boss liked it so much’

B ‘cool’

A ‘we are starting a company soon.. he will be cofounding with me’

B ‘great’

A ‘he is going to get an investor too’

B ‘am the one dear.. he asked me about you.. how reliable you are?’

A’s face falls down

A ‘why didn’t he inform me that he will do a reference check.. will he not trust me too?’

B ‘he trusts you dear.. but does need to know your seriousness. He also found you giving interviews to his competitors’

A ‘how can he track me so much.. I thought that I should get interview experience’

B ‘this is the problem with individuals who wish to do something but also be safe’

A ‘will you give investments still?’

B ‘yes your shares will be vested.. and we can protect mine and your boss’s interest’

A ‘can I put a 20% rise to my salary in the budget?’

B ‘this is the problem.. you may need to dilute more shares’

A ‘done.. no problems..’

B ‘but next year no raise.. all performance driven’

A ‘I think I will perform.. I need 40% rise next year’

B ‘cool.. more shares dilutions then’

A ‘done’

B ‘do you realize after 2 years, you will be hardly having 10% shares left?’

A ‘no problem Sir.. I will think of another idea then’


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