Want to jump from a cliff?

If anyone wishes to jump from a cliff, realize you will break many things unnecessarily.. dear ones who have broken their hearts for some reasons or other…  do not waste time pondering on a cliff wondering what to do next…

Engineering day is meant for celebration… so if indeed someone jumps from a cliff, again recreate a robot of that silent body..

In case you a still jobless after being an engineer, do not worry.. as your skillsets can be used for any other useful function, the degree is valuable.. so enjoy the spirit of that degree.

Hey the one fell from the cliff is again got up.. trying to reach out up.. and struggling as to why knowingly jumped down.. when he knew he was not going to die so easily..



One thought on “Want to jump from a cliff?

  1. bornapart says:

    Maybe the person just enjoys the fall.. like in sky diving ???

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