I visited a city and found how slowly man can create a man made problem for self

Tom visits a very crowded city in India and is shocked.. A family of 4 having 20 vehicles..

Tom is trying to reach out the popular mobile apps available for cab sharing

Tom gets a cab on time…

Tom ‘hey.. how you manage to be so patient to drive all the way with so much traffic.’

Jambu ‘Sir.. this is more lucrative then BPO job.. so I drive.. but then it is also having no future’

Tom is remembering his investor friend who has a plush bungalow.. 20 vehicles.. 4- 4 wheelers, 6 motor bikes, 5-6 old scooters, scooty,  couple of bicycles

Tom is dazzled

The cab driver is patiently waiting for 5 minutes and slowly slowly driving..

They finally reach the event…

The event manager Ram greets Tom

‘Sir you reached on time.. very good.. event will begin after 1 hour.. many stuck in traffic’

Tom ‘what will happen in 2020’

Ram ‘Government will find some solutions.’

Tom thinks in his mind

‘We talk of driverless car, connected so many things.. but why are we actually behaving literally the same.. mindless directions.. and look at grass root problems and learn to be less materialistic and save scarce resources’

Tom is shaken up by Ram

Ram ‘Sir hot coffee.. do not sleep.. we will begin soon’

After 2 hours

Ram ‘Sir.. all have come.. let us wrap up soon as this city again has traffic jams after 4pm’

Tom smiles..

Tom ‘Yes.. sure.. I will give my 5 minute speech in 1 min’

Tom addresses the participants

Tom ‘I admire your patience and I admire your zeal and I hope and sincerely hope all of you lead healthy pollution free life with my pure air bags… you just need to put it on your nose and inhale and even in traffic jams, you will remain fresh’

All look at each other and begin smiling

Tom ‘straight from a remote island in Northern part of the world.. extremely pure air bags ..  5$ only and it can give you 1 week safe oxygen’

All are silent

Tom is greeted with just silence

Ram ‘Sir.. they all are zapped.. they are calculating how much each family will need to spend on fresh air by 2020’

All begin laughing…


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