I love pizza’s

Tom is a fat bubbly young boy who thrives on pizza’s. His mother is a diet planner and the story goes this way…

Sarah ‘Tom.. please do not eat so much.. I request you… my clients are laughing at me.. and wonder how she can train us if she cannot manage her son’

Tom ‘Dad loved yummy pizza’s and have gone on dad..’

Sarah ‘he is no more dear.. he suffered a heart attack and then chose to become diet planner to look after you’

Tom ‘mummy… i love the garlic flavored pizza so much .. why don’t you start some programs for painfully thin boys and girls and I will teach them how to become fat’

Sarah  ám feedup dear… drink glass of milk and sleep.. I am having meeting with celebrity James’

Tom ‘James.. he is so handsome.. why he needs diet plan’

Sarah ‘celebrities need to be trim and slim.. ‘

Tom ‘Mom.. do you really feel i look miserable… my 80 Kg looks bad on me’

Sarah ‘of course.. join gym.. do not make pizza as your only goal in life’

Tom ‘I love its smell…’

Sarah ‘I can open a pizza restaurant for you.. but promise you will eat only 2 pizza per day”

Tom ‘sure Mom.. will also gym’

1 year later

Tom is looking good trim and fit and munching morning pizza’

Sarah smiles at him

Tom ‘Mom.. you have been so nice to me..  i could have been depressed.. which led me to eat food at all odd hours.. but thanks ‘

Sarah hugs Tom and has drop of tear in her eyes

Sarah ‘Tom… eating too much is always bad.. just to ensure you remove your habit.. I took a loan and started this restaurant.. now make this a success’

Tom ‘Mom… yes… shop keepers seldom love their own products.. so i will only sell Pizza and make Pizza’s but not eat them full.. only taste it’

Sarah begins laughing




























































Victory over negative energies (Diwali)

Entrepreneurship is a game which has ups and downs, but the journey brings in multiple people to support you, humiliate you, pressurize you, taunt you or even bad mouth you…   the victory over all our negative energies is cause of celebration.. and hence  without getting bogged own… please remain calm and composed and everything else will follow soon (client, investments, scaling up etc).. best of lucks to all of you..

Philosophy of Life

Philosophy of life is a tribute to those who just spend their life on day-to-day basis without worrying about what happens next..

Tom eats food on time regularly, exercises and ensures his blood sugar level are right..

His friend Gerald is happy go lucky and eats food, drinks properly at nights to ensure he gets dizzy and lost in fantasy

Both are great friends…

Tom ‘why don’t you take control of your life?’

Gerald bursts laughing

Gerald ‘what happens next.. no one knows.. why you worry so much?’

Tom ‘time will tell…’

Tom ‘am investing in few startups .. may get some good returns’

Gerald ‘what comes.. give it.. give it all.. I have donated everything.. only ensured the beneficiary needs to take care of me.. give me meals. give me good food and of course wine’

Tom ‘you are nuts..’

Both of them are walking on road….

and as they are talking.. they never realize they are just in middle of road..

suddenly Gerald realizes..

Gerald ‘oh Jesus.. not sure… we are gone’

Before Tom can murmur a big truck strikes both of them…

Both are dead on spot…

Sky is clear… there is a bit of crowd…and….

‘life will end.. whatsoever way you wish to protect self… or enjoy self… so why even debate on things beyond our control…  try to control.. what is possible.. try not to control.. what is not possible.. and just remain smiling and grounded’

‘life shows its own path to you for sure’



James is an ace health practitioner who feels that disorders can be controlled through right diet.. Just a few year back

James ‘Susan.. am scared.. you are bipolar and though I know the cure.. you never listen to me’

Susan bursts crying..

Susan ‘you always call me a mental patient.. am not.. I take care of you.. I do everything.. but.. but… if you again call me bipolar.. i am going to kill you and then me’

James sees Susan in an angry mood

James is silent…

Susan is shrieking and James returns back silently to work

Present day

James  ‘did you know PASSION flower can smoothen anxiety disorders.. My wife had this issue and slowly and surely I began explaining anxiety,.. mood swings and took an acre of land and she was happy growing PASSION flower..

Now she specializes in home remedies for disorders and has a startup.. doing extremely well.

Ram a bipolar who has come to get medications from James

Ram ‘is it cent percent cured?’

James ‘disorders can never be cured fully. it can be controlled. she controls it self.. through various methods.. we need to be careful of side affects too…  as home remedies do not have registered license for manufacturing.. so  we are careful in sample studies’





Leave takings

Rob is an ace project manager but is saddled with an issue of continuous infrequent leave taking by his resources..

He visits a project management conference and wants to understand by eminent speaker Joy about his view..

Joy ‘do they listen to you?’

Rob ‘No.. and they threaten an exit if I ask them to not take leaves’

Joy ‘please bring sense of belonging in your team.. let them own the project as their baby and declare incentives right upfront and show them a road map.. career roadmap is important for seniors and juniors too’

Rob is silent… as the conference proceedings continue

Rob realizes that he has been giving unnecessary pressure to his staff’

Next day

Rob ‘dear all.. all leave approved.. no force.. no compulsion.. just try to complete project before end of month’

10 days later he is finding team working late hours

Rob wonders how this miracle happened

3 days before the month ends.. Manager Sana walks in

Sana ‘Sir.. project is ready.. the lead has taken leave today.. but we can have demo’

Rob ‘I trust you.. you please show demo to client’

Sana ‘thanks Sir.. am on leave tomorrow but don’t worry.. demo will be good. I assure you’

Rob smiles

At evening

Rob is sipping his wine

Rob ‘is this the reason my wife too left me.. did I try to pressure her too much ?’



Am introducing a new framework soon for Mentoring

what you sow is what you reap

If you give someone give liberally

If you connect to help someone, just do that as that help will benefit the needy

If you own some issue of your friend or beloved, just do it without expectations.

If you can transform any individual and provide a focus to that individual you have done the job.

And if you get benefited by that individual, just return back to the society a part of that benefit..

Life of a mentor is all about connecting and giving.