Solomon decides to focus on his family business of trading even after being a gold medalist in environment conversation…. till one day life takes a new turn…

Max ‘it is the 3rd year now and no rains.. absolutely no water respite’

Solomon asks Max to accompany him to his farm house

2 days later Solomon takes Max and to his surprise Max finds full greenery, water too available…

Max ‘what is this.. am surprised..’

Solomon ‘Plant trees which can have deep roots.. not the frivolous ones..”

Solomon ‘Am a mulching expert… can help you do that’

Max ‘now I realize what you do in free time’

Solomon ‘Pursuing dream begins with identifying pain points… as a child I would see such drought conditions too often and farmers vulnerable.. so decided to focus on drought remedies and over period of time also provide drought relief team to various countries..’

Max ‘cool…. a social entrepreneur you are’

Solomon ‘not sure.. but it did support at least 20 country drought situations’

Solomon ‘Startups need to address pain points and not ME TOO approach’


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