Horror Startups

Spooky Startups

  1. An entrepreneur struggled and struggled for many years and finally failed and lost life by committing suicide.. and after many years.. the grocery owner became a billionaire through his ecommerce portal.
  2. A lady was wishing to do a fashion business and accidently bumped into an ace model.. the model agreed to brand that business and everything was successful for the lady till she realized the model had expired 10 years back in a road accident.
  3. An army guy was trying to build a artificial leg unit for men who lost legs in wars and one day he met a dashing man ready to invest money on the venture..  reasons told ‘in previous life as a warrior he had cut legs of many soldiers and to redeem had taken birth  and may be he earned money for purpose..


Moral of story

Each person who comes to earth has a purpose..

present, past or future..

sometimes it could be a horrible past leading to good present

or good deeds leading to good future

so do not get shaken up if you have lost..

you will again get a chance to redeem self.. sooner or later


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