Roy a great industrialist believes in making large scale factories.

As he believes only factories can create employment opportunities.

His friend Mark believes that industrialization is best left to few countries and service sector is what will create employment opportunities

As they sit in a restaurant after  2 decades…

Roy ‘you were right.. everything of mine is in debt’

Mark ‘chill pill.. 1 million employees, 100 million products of yours in market.. money will come in.. just have patience’

Roy ‘would you invest..? you too billionaire through ecommerce product’

Mark ‘see I never believed in manufacturing or asset centric organization’

Roy  ‘this is the problem.. investors happy with non factory products or services.. we curb technology engineers and they too happily doing business of food, health, driving etc.. where is that zeal of engineering left?’

Mark ‘I agree.. but then you suggest what is the solution?’

Roy ‘we should motivate youngsters to create factories.. mock simulation etc’

Mark ‘yes that is an excellent idea.. I can invest in that’

1 year later Mark and Roy have collaborated and they hold FACTORY SETTING competitions and getting excellent response from engineers all over the world”

‘Mark ‘hope now you happy?’

Roy ‘a bit.. thanks Mark for collaborating on this.. my own factory continues to struggle but am happy many things happening around’


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