2020 Marriage

Boy’s mother ‘what about the gold you wished to give for your daughter?’

Girl’s mother raises eyebrow

Girl’s mom ‘government restrictions… can only put as much as she can hold.. around 20 grams..’

Boy’s mom ‘she can easily hold 10 Kg.. she looks so good in gold.. no restrictions there’

Girl’s mom ‘let us see’

Boy’s mom ‘what about the flat you were going to book for them’

Girl’s mom ‘it is not possible.. ‘

Boy’s mom ‘it is just a name sake transfer.. you can transfer your family home.. she is your lone daughter’

Girl’s mom ‘I think I will call the PM to ask how all this will get curbed’

Boy’s mom gets annoyed

Boy’s mom ‘why you bring higher ups etc for this.. even I want to see him.. do call him for the marriage.. it should then by logic be in five star hotel right?’

Girl’s mom is by now irritated

Girl’s mom by now is irritated

Girl’s mom ‘am actually going to gift her a cash less startup and you wish to take it.. take’

Boy’s mom ‘only fintech startups.. one with payment gateway interface and all that’

Girl’s mom ‘do you really feel this is what was our PM dream’

Boy’s mom ‘please tell me.. what you plan to do for marriage’

Girl ‘nothing.. am canceling the event’

Boy ‘enough is enough.. we both will run away and get married’

Boy’s mom ‘do not dare to take any credit/debit card, cash wallets / gold wallets whatsoever.. ‘

Boy ‘Mom it is cash less society.. can we at least take our heart and mind with us’

Boy’s mom ‘go to hell.. let me see how you can run your family with those measly credit card / debit card which banks give on your  low BPO CTC’

Boy ‘are you kidding.. am jobless for past 3 months.. living off your credit card’

Mom ‘what…?’

Girl’s mom and girl both disappear away from scene.




Sin – Mathematical Interpretation

Frank has heard somewhere that if you dip in the water, you can get rid of sins.

His best fried Arif says that we can get rid of sins by going to religious place..

Almida who is doing her PhD in Sins of Life smiles on hearing their conversation in a Sins Conference meeting…

Almida ‘Frank.. Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law’

Frank ‘yes.. so’

Almida ‘what is immoral act?’

Frank ‘let me google and search as better to go with defined proven definition’

Frank ‘Morals are rules that govern behavior. so which is abnormal, it means breaking the rules’

Almida ‘who has defined the rules’

Arif ‘there are spiritual messengers and then the unknown always guides the specials’

Almida ‘are they human?’

Arif ‘obviously yes’

Almida ‘what is the guarantee you will not have another sin once you do redemption of self?’

Frank ‘a good point..  ‘

Almida sin = opposite side / hypotenuse

Almida ‘whatsoever we do opposite of what rules are adjacent to us and impacts the longest distance of all folks from ones who are near to you to one who are distant from you’

Frank ‘interesting mathematical debate’

Almida ‘the causes of the sin   COS=ADJACENT/HYPOTENUSE’

Almida ‘it means that we believe whatsoever rules exist adjacent that is near to our surroundings, upbringings are the rules we need to follow’

Arif ‘these are real bouncers but have some meaning’

Almida ‘if you choose to follow whatsoever is near to your heart and do not think of the opposite aspects, it remains a no sin.. so nothing is a sin in reality as long as it does not harm you and the ones near you and ones away you’

Arif ‘so anything harming anyone is a sin’

Almida smiles…  ‘am still researching on this topic’


lovely reasons to love life

the fruits, flowers, nature all makes life so exciting

the early morning sunrise and the evening sunset makes us realize that each day can be a new beginning to think afresh and each evening can be an opportunity to close any aspect of life which hurts us.

so do not give up hope as anyone else can pick that hope and move ahead in life enjoying life as it is.

Bell rings for Deaf

Nero ‘i love to hear the bell rings’

Palomina ‘Me too but sometimes it hurts our ears’

Nero ‘one gets accustomed to those after a while’

Palomina ‘can we work on a technique where a deaf person understands what a person is talking through bell rings as speech recognition would be tough’

Nero ‘not sure really.. very complicated.. but look at this

Music should be for everyone’ is a sentiment we can all agree with, but the Junge Symphoniker Hamburg has taken this one step further by co-developing the Sound Shirt with CuteCircuit, the London-based pioneers of wearable technology

Palmonia ‘great concept.’



Being true to self is essential for confidence.

Spasht – means clarity…

Savi conducts SPASHT classes in Dharavi Slum in Mumbai…   her husband sells WADAPAV (poor man’s burger) and they have 2 daughters..

Rob who is researching on poverty comes to India and is specifically focusing on the trainn track slums…

He gets into those blankets to watch bootlegging taking place.. and finds Savi’s husband Damroo

Damroo ‘Sir.. will take you to my house to help you understand what is poverty’

Rob visits his home

Damroo ‘10000 i earn.. 2000 i have to give to goons to ensure i do not get disturbed.. 1500 about to higher ups and then 6500 i have.. so my kids go to municipal school.. and then basic costs for making vada pav around 4000..  am left with 2500. My wife has started some SPASHT but not sure how it will work..’

Savi offers tea to Rob

Rob takes some photographs..

Savi ‘Spasht means clarity…  in 2500, i have groceries for 1000, milk another 600, vegetables around 200 and then.. am saving for my kid’s education’

Rob ‘don’t you feel insecure…’

Savi ‘we are used to all this.. uncleanliness, train hazards.. our kids have got used to the noise and they know how to safeguard themselves’

Rob ‘am using a tool.. a translator and hopefully am understanding what you guys saying”

Savi ‘SPASHT will bring clarity to people on their day-to-day lives..









Am planning to track this for families and then begin focusing on how to improve income and minimize expense

Rob is excited with this…

Rob ‘Cool… I have a research fund of US$10000, am willing to put around 10000 bucks in your currency for this goal’

Savi is happy…

Damroo ‘Sir.. my liquor expense is around 1000 per month.. I get 11000.. i hide 1000 from Savi’

Savi ‘so hope you getting clarity on poor person’s living conditions in slums’

Rob ‘it is amazing country.. it has people with great tolerance power’



currency demon

China realized way back in 11th century and Song Dynasty actually had focused on multiple innovations during that era…

There was this paper purely blank and little did it realize it would be stamped and converted to something so valuable…

James who is a researcher of Numismatics decides to have just globally 5 currency and 5 coins


Most of people are appalled at this..

Globally a huge discussion takes place…

Is this really possible?

Jame ‘Why not?’

Sanduko ‘What about currency fluctuations? currency conversion rates?’

James ‘it can be planned well… it is possible’

Tuglov ‘I doubt if such things can ever happen?’

James ‘Alternate currencies are very much possible and why not move into digital currency

Tuglov ‘what about farmers?’

James ‘there will be banks which will issue digital currencies and it will not have any conversion factor’

Tuglov ‘best of lucks to you on your research to fight currency demon’


Grave consequence

Nandu is standing in queue waiting for his turn in ATM.  His mom rushes to him

Mom ‘Nandu.. your father is expired… just rush in’

Nandu ‘Mom… agreed.. but if I will not get cash, how will we complete last rites’

Mom has tears.. she rushes back home

Nandu is sympathized by people around him…

Whispers around ‘black money will perish.. some folks have to give sacrifice’

Nandu is silent.. shocked but awaiting his turn

As he reaches.. the ATM has exhausted cash…

Nandu calls upon the priests..

Priest ‘we will not accept 500 and 1000 denominator.. I hope you have the new currency’

Nandu ‘have a bit of gold.. please take that but we need to complete his last rites’

Priest ‘arrange for the sticks etc at grave yard’

Nandu and his friends now reach the funeral ground..

Nandu’s father is put on pyre…

Priest ‘any thing you wish to offer’

Nandu puts the last 500 bucks he has with him

Priest ‘do not get so emotional.. that money is important for you’

Nandu ‘you can take it if you wish to’

Priest takes that note

As he lights the pyre.. Nandu remembers his father bringing in 500 rupee note every week and handing over to his mom as his remuneration out in village.. and his mom used to save a few notes… and then reached the city… reasons Nandu felt there is no scope in village.. and he had taken a rickshaw to drive vehicles’

As his father moves towards Ashes… Nandu feels why could the government not implement IT infrastructure even in remotest of village in India..

Next day again he is in ATM line.. with smile on his face

He finds few folks again there..

The bank official is putting some color in his hand…

Official ‘you did come yesterday.. how come you still have more notes’

Nandu ‘my mom forgot one of her piggy bank which carried 3-4 notes more.. and I need it for the 10days rituals’

Official ‘ok last time.. next time’

Official is harassed and murmurs ‘really do not know when all this will end’

Another intellectual standing in queue murmurs ‘all  only remembered marriage but death too is an event in this country’


(It is fiction but just addressing a present pain point)

Golden Era 2020

James ‘Am amused.. that country is going through a currency shortage problem’

Toklov ‘yes.. one of my friend there mentioned that in lieu of legal 2000, the transport ticket issuing conductors are actually giving 500 notes just declared illegal’

Samu ‘What if the developed country puts a similar ban on their currency and restricts finance’

Arif ‘the middle east will stop petroleum too’

Xiang ‘is it not moving back to golden days.. exchange of few gold coins for some service’

Ram ‘in India, there is bhagwad geeta which says to win…a battle, we should remain focused… the battle has just begun’

Neo ‘yes and then we also had a king who got sick and tired of battle and on his way saw so many own kith and kin dead, that he got into spiritual mode’

Nancy ‘global economics is tough to understand.. very tough.. and any change management needs to be reviewed before taking a leap’

James ‘what happens next?’

Ram ‘just relax.. people will get detached from the currencies of life and look into more meaningful purpose of life… what exists today.. will be nothing tomorrow so why crib and cry.. just do your work properly and that is it’


Samu ‘Now what happens if someone stops someone from eating animals.. the whole world will be filled with animals’

Samu ‘what happens if someone underestimates strengths of any pillar or one pillar shakes up..  the whole universe will become weak’

James ‘am seriously not sure which way the universe is going.. but somewhere hatred as seeped into the mind and logic has taken total backseat.. and forget about color of notes or color of anything..  we have forgotten that universe gave us so many colors to enjoy the diversity and be united’

Ram ‘but someone needed to start that.. so what happened was good’

Toklov ‘to curb disaster, it is important that the 4 pillars be converted to 8 pillars and strengthen the foundation..  the greed of getting everything needs to go.. and it is in human to think what history did to cleanse a system or what history will be created to again cleanse a system and hope the warm feelings of love remain well.. ‘

Ram ‘I never saw a single queue of cars parked somewhere to get currency changes out here.. may be the rich stopped using cash way back’

James ‘yes.. had the infrastructure be improved first, things would have been different.. most of rural folks do not know what has hit them there…’

Toklov ‘not sure what happens to immigrants too…’

Ram ‘guys.. let us all remain united and be friends.. at least as long as we are clear.. we may just begin afresh and build a healthy co-existence environment for all to follow.’

James ‘cheers.. got to go back.. some folks want to replace whatsapp with their local branded apps’

Arif ‘what if a search engine bans self?’



Startup Eco System – King’s insight to Victory of People

A day which emerged as perceived victory for many and at same time there are worries looming over many.

Any change happens for good as only change is constant.

How a change in currency impacts the startups?

To begin with what happens if a particular currency is suddenly stopped or may be a similar decision happens in a developed country to restrict currency flow to a developing country over night?

Countries who have not managed to build strong internet infrastructure still reels with a pain point left to be solved to understand how a cash really becomes important to a villager or county person or even the local trader who till date have only understood cash business and never really tried to learn technology or even think of a credit card.

In certain sects of society, even holding credit card is a taboo as it calls for interest levied if there is a delay in payment…

Understanding global economic ecosystem is complex and one needs to be very careful on how to phase out any strong change into any ecosystem.

Had all the cards one had to play be bought simultaneously may be the startups would have got funded too, many could have leveraged the various opportunities provided by government to fund startups the right way and so on.

Many investors may tend to be cautious on investing in startups and it would be a wait and watch situation. Commodity prices may tend to shoot up.

Positive lining in all this is that the entire parallel currency transaction would get curbed at least temporarily. It will surely lead to set backs in those section but again to get back new currency chances of increase in burglary/ theft cannot be ruled out.

Will this move succeed? yes as we move from cash to cashless phase, everything is good if we need to develop a sense of detachment from valuation process and focus more on ground level implementations to generate revenue.

Startups need to be calm, patient and I hope entrepreneurs do not end up trying to seek job opportunities as scenarios over there too is not too great. So relax and think of how startups can focus on automating process..

Any change calls for great amount of patience and brings in positive results only and it is people’s choice after all and any verdict out is celebration of Victory of People when viewed from a King’s view point.

Defeat of 500 and 1000

A new wave set in…  In west, everyone a few section assumed it is trump of few and defeat of many..

In India too as similar situation came in … and at night 10m in Whatsapp

Rob ‘Shambu… Trump wins.. am jobless for so many days.. I think something positive will happen’

Shambu  ‘Rob. I have always told you.. complete your graduation and it helps you get more opportunities.  Even in India we keep taking of skilled labor, empowerment, startup India and so on.. but then who invests in college dropouts’

Rob ‘but I think something positive may happen.. let us be optimistic’

Shambu ‘I was in a village, when this news hit of 500 and 1000 currency ban.. and at same day there was a marriage… The girl’s father was perplexed.. his hard earn money of Rs50000.. He was supposed to give dowry to the boy’s family.. and now.. they refused to accept 500 and 1000 notes..  The priest too.. all were only used to cash system.. no PAN card.. nothing..  The boy’s family has decided to treat it as payable loan and marriage did happen’

Rob ‘Interesting’

Shambu ‘A country with > 60% rural folks.. some who do not also know to speak English.. ‘

Rob ‘Shambu… what will happen to those 500 and 1000 notes stacked somewhere’

Shambú’gone … it is invalid’

Rob ‘Am wondering what will happen if similar ban imposed in US for US$1000 notes’

Shambu begins laughing

Shambu ‘we can talk anything.. but we are depended on exports.. and now a new stupid message is being sent..  use local whatsapp’

Rob begins laughing

Rob ‘where that message is being sent’

Shambu ‘whatsapp only’

Rob ‘the globe is out for cultural shift… we need to think of a great idea’

Shambu ‘what can it be?’

Rob ‘Do’s and Dont’s’

Shambu ‘what it can be?’

Rob ‘Each individual can update their own moral view on Do’s and Don’ts”

Shambu ‘Excellent’

Rob ‘we can then do any analysis on various aspects of individual moral / social /professional behavior trend and can evolve Ethic cookbook ‘

Shambu ‘cool.. one of its kind.. let’s do it’

Rob ‘The cook book name

‘Victory of People’