ASAP – as soon as possible you find any appropriate person who can fit our requirement, please keep us informed.

Recruiters are aggressively identifying a co-founder.

The co founder ditched the startup at last mine.. James is totally perplexed. Demo day round the corner.. and this happened.

Ray felt James was giving him lesser equity so decided to exit..

Few months back..

Ray ‘James.. we will ensure this product rocks the world’

James ‘Yes.. but do not ditch me’

Ray ‘how can I.. I am so passionate about it’

A few days earlier

Ray ‘James.. is my contribution worth only 5%’

James ‘Employee ESOP 12%.. cannot be more then that’

Ray ‘common.. it is my logic, my algorithm.. everything mine.. ‘

James ‘let us not argue Ray.. I do not take salaries.. but I always give you salaries too regularly’

and today

James ‘not sure Bob.. should i have given him more equity and retained him’

Bob ‘ life always remember if there is a situation where you feel you need a replacement ASAP, it is important that you try to retain that… rather then separating’

James has a drop of tear in his eyes..

James ‘my wife.. Sarah.. I left her and realized I needed to get another beloved soon, then Ana.. then Neita and so on.. but still miss Sarah.. some humans cannot be replaced ASAP’


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