Golden Era 2020

James ‘Am amused.. that country is going through a currency shortage problem’

Toklov ‘yes.. one of my friend there mentioned that in lieu of legal 2000, the transport ticket issuing conductors are actually giving 500 notes just declared illegal’

Samu ‘What if the developed country puts a similar ban on their currency and restricts finance’

Arif ‘the middle east will stop petroleum too’

Xiang ‘is it not moving back to golden days.. exchange of few gold coins for some service’

Ram ‘in India, there is bhagwad geeta which says to win…a battle, we should remain focused… the battle has just begun’

Neo ‘yes and then we also had a king who got sick and tired of battle and on his way saw so many own kith and kin dead, that he got into spiritual mode’

Nancy ‘global economics is tough to understand.. very tough.. and any change management needs to be reviewed before taking a leap’

James ‘what happens next?’

Ram ‘just relax.. people will get detached from the currencies of life and look into more meaningful purpose of life… what exists today.. will be nothing tomorrow so why crib and cry.. just do your work properly and that is it’


Samu ‘Now what happens if someone stops someone from eating animals.. the whole world will be filled with animals’

Samu ‘what happens if someone underestimates strengths of any pillar or one pillar shakes up..  the whole universe will become weak’

James ‘am seriously not sure which way the universe is going.. but somewhere hatred as seeped into the mind and logic has taken total backseat.. and forget about color of notes or color of anything..  we have forgotten that universe gave us so many colors to enjoy the diversity and be united’

Ram ‘but someone needed to start that.. so what happened was good’

Toklov ‘to curb disaster, it is important that the 4 pillars be converted to 8 pillars and strengthen the foundation..  the greed of getting everything needs to go.. and it is in human to think what history did to cleanse a system or what history will be created to again cleanse a system and hope the warm feelings of love remain well.. ‘

Ram ‘I never saw a single queue of cars parked somewhere to get currency changes out here.. may be the rich stopped using cash way back’

James ‘yes.. had the infrastructure be improved first, things would have been different.. most of rural folks do not know what has hit them there…’

Toklov ‘not sure what happens to immigrants too…’

Ram ‘guys.. let us all remain united and be friends.. at least as long as we are clear.. we may just begin afresh and build a healthy co-existence environment for all to follow.’

James ‘cheers.. got to go back.. some folks want to replace whatsapp with their local branded apps’

Arif ‘what if a search engine bans self?’



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