currency demon

China realized way back in 11th century and Song Dynasty actually had focused on multiple innovations during that era…

There was this paper purely blank and little did it realize it would be stamped and converted to something so valuable…

James who is a researcher of Numismatics decides to have just globally 5 currency and 5 coins


Most of people are appalled at this..

Globally a huge discussion takes place…

Is this really possible?

Jame ‘Why not?’

Sanduko ‘What about currency fluctuations? currency conversion rates?’

James ‘it can be planned well… it is possible’

Tuglov ‘I doubt if such things can ever happen?’

James ‘Alternate currencies are very much possible and why not move into digital currency

Tuglov ‘what about farmers?’

James ‘there will be banks which will issue digital currencies and it will not have any conversion factor’

Tuglov ‘best of lucks to you on your research to fight currency demon’


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