Being true to self is essential for confidence.

Spasht – means clarity…

Savi conducts SPASHT classes in Dharavi Slum in Mumbai…   her husband sells WADAPAV (poor man’s burger) and they have 2 daughters..

Rob who is researching on poverty comes to India and is specifically focusing on the trainn track slums…

He gets into those blankets to watch bootlegging taking place.. and finds Savi’s husband Damroo

Damroo ‘Sir.. will take you to my house to help you understand what is poverty’

Rob visits his home

Damroo ‘10000 i earn.. 2000 i have to give to goons to ensure i do not get disturbed.. 1500 about to higher ups and then 6500 i have.. so my kids go to municipal school.. and then basic costs for making vada pav around 4000..  am left with 2500. My wife has started some SPASHT but not sure how it will work..’

Savi offers tea to Rob

Rob takes some photographs..

Savi ‘Spasht means clarity…  in 2500, i have groceries for 1000, milk another 600, vegetables around 200 and then.. am saving for my kid’s education’

Rob ‘don’t you feel insecure…’

Savi ‘we are used to all this.. uncleanliness, train hazards.. our kids have got used to the noise and they know how to safeguard themselves’

Rob ‘am using a tool.. a translator and hopefully am understanding what you guys saying”

Savi ‘SPASHT will bring clarity to people on their day-to-day lives..









Am planning to track this for families and then begin focusing on how to improve income and minimize expense

Rob is excited with this…

Rob ‘Cool… I have a research fund of US$10000, am willing to put around 10000 bucks in your currency for this goal’

Savi is happy…

Damroo ‘Sir.. my liquor expense is around 1000 per month.. I get 11000.. i hide 1000 from Savi’

Savi ‘so hope you getting clarity on poor person’s living conditions in slums’

Rob ‘it is amazing country.. it has people with great tolerance power’



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