Sin – Mathematical Interpretation

Frank has heard somewhere that if you dip in the water, you can get rid of sins.

His best fried Arif says that we can get rid of sins by going to religious place..

Almida who is doing her PhD in Sins of Life smiles on hearing their conversation in a Sins Conference meeting…

Almida ‘Frank.. Sin is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law’

Frank ‘yes.. so’

Almida ‘what is immoral act?’

Frank ‘let me google and search as better to go with defined proven definition’

Frank ‘Morals are rules that govern behavior. so which is abnormal, it means breaking the rules’

Almida ‘who has defined the rules’

Arif ‘there are spiritual messengers and then the unknown always guides the specials’

Almida ‘are they human?’

Arif ‘obviously yes’

Almida ‘what is the guarantee you will not have another sin once you do redemption of self?’

Frank ‘a good point..  ‘

Almida sin = opposite side / hypotenuse

Almida ‘whatsoever we do opposite of what rules are adjacent to us and impacts the longest distance of all folks from ones who are near to you to one who are distant from you’

Frank ‘interesting mathematical debate’

Almida ‘the causes of the sin   COS=ADJACENT/HYPOTENUSE’

Almida ‘it means that we believe whatsoever rules exist adjacent that is near to our surroundings, upbringings are the rules we need to follow’

Arif ‘these are real bouncers but have some meaning’

Almida ‘if you choose to follow whatsoever is near to your heart and do not think of the opposite aspects, it remains a no sin.. so nothing is a sin in reality as long as it does not harm you and the ones near you and ones away you’

Arif ‘so anything harming anyone is a sin’

Almida smiles…  ‘am still researching on this topic’


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