Life takes a U turn

Alan is focusing on his new startup ‘DEMON’ seriously..  His friend Nero has coined DEMON with great love..

Paul is Alan’s mentor and has looked after Alan from his childhood when Alan’s mom had just left her husband and left Alan in safe hand of Paul..

What is Alan’s story all about?

His mom Mary and his father Greg were happily in love till Greg comes across a sweet looking girl Nancy from China..

Mary never knew what hit her.. and soon she finds herself neglected and even before she can announce she is pregnant, Greg has transferred self to China on a factory set up assignment.

Mary and Paul are platonic friends

Mary ‘Paul.. hope you do not mind to look after Alan.. I wish to pursue higher studies.. so’

and few years later Paul receives a message response..

Mary ‘sincere request… please do not inform Alan about me.. I have identified a partner.. and I know you have been with me in thick and thin and even loved me.. but as you never wished to marry any women so.. fell in love with Greg and you know what happened’

Coming to present

Alan ‘life always takes a U turn..  what will come up.. will fall down.. and what will fall down with force will again bounce back… and here i am thanks to Paul Sir who taught me one lesson of life ‘It is not important who our parents are.. but more important to understand who we are.. how we can curb the demon in us and bring small goodness to everyone’s life’

Nero ‘Demon.. it helps in identifying the demon in us and asks us to play a psychological game…. and takes us through various emotions of love, hate, greed, jealousy, fear, anger and through various responses, creates a blue print of how the demon can be killed’

Alan ‘common.. what if someone copies this idea’

Nero ‘common Alan.. do you really believe anyone can copy your own soul?’

Alan is silent…

Nero ‘Alan… like you, I too suffer from this guilt of being left out by my mom out of fear that I will have to bear the Mexican stamp.. so

Alan ‘strange fears.. strange insecurities.. abnormal thoughts.. and an easy escape route to liberate… ‘

Nero ‘the game will help people understand that acknowledging the ones whom you have given birth to is not a shame.. not a fear… and accept all your sins gracefully and move towards contributing some good deed for society.. just begin now’

Paul steps in

Paul ‘Alan and Nero… am really not sure what triggered you to start Demon.. safely I can tell you that normal human beings will not like this concept so much’

Alan ‘common Sir.. each person is different.. anyone who wishes to overcome some fear will like it.. Would you?’



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