Visionary ‘I only knew I had to always have a research focused approach to innovation’

Implementer ‘I only know we need to be practical in our goals to succeed’

Visionary ‘I made you a successor for same reasons but then now you have put my company behind by 10 years’

Implementer ‘do not worry…. we will acquire those companies later’

Visionary is silent…

Visionary ‘so you will never invest on innovations?’

Implementer ‘why to break head on something so much. first time it always fails.. so let us wait’

Visionary ‘I regret and we have different ideologies’

Implementer ‘yes but I suggest you to focus on research.. will make a small unit for you and you can handle that’

Visionary in anger ‘I built this business.. you were not there too’

Implementer ‘do not be carried away with history.. am present and future too’

Visionary ‘this is 21st century.. we are just left in history books’


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