Money never sleeps

Rocky is a hardcore business man who doesn’t mind throwing money for anything which he feels or likes about it. It could be by force or love..

His wife Julie is not happy about Rocky’s arrogance about wealth…  one day

Julie ‘there is one sad news’

Rocky ‘what…’

Julie ‘you have been diagnosed with advanced stage HIV…so just 3 months left’

Rocky remembers his one night stands..  and composing self

Rocky ‘why will none of my trust worthy doctors inform me earlier.. no symptoms too’

Julie ‘not sure.. but last night you fell unconscious so’

Rocky realizes that he had an overdose of medicine to kill his tensions on loosing a property in UK

Rocky is filled with sadness

Julie ‘so how you plan your last 3 months?’

Rocky as a child always loved nature.. so his spontaneous answer

‘Be with nature and you’

Julie ‘how you plan your wealth distribution’

Rocky ‘it will be you dear’

Julie ‘am not so much interested in wealth’

Rocky ‘your wish.. you decide’

Julie ‘will start an innovation fund and have focused charity activities’

Rocky ‘ok’

2 months pass by

Both Rocky and Julie are happily enjoying nature…

Rocky gets a vomiting sensation and suddenly begins vomiting

Rocky ‘it seems my last days coming too soon’

Julie ‘relax.. stop worrying’ She caresses his hair

Rocky ‘am scared of dying’

Julie ‘whatsoever comes.. has to go out’

‘Rocky ‘only money doesn’t sleep.. can we use it for curing me’

Julie ‘it is just matter of days’

Rocky realizes everything will be gone in few days and he will be just buried

Rocky hugs Julie tightly

Rocky ‘it is so good for non-living objects.. they do not have any sensation and look at me here’

Julie and Rocky are looking at sun setting..

Rocky falls asleep

Next day

Julie kisses Rocky and wakes him up

Rocky ‘how come am back here’

Julie smiles…

Julie ‘we have almost cured you of AIDS’

Rocky ‘what?’

Julie ‘sometimes you loose immunity to feelings when you are surrounded by money.. money never sleeps but a human sleeps and if it carries money in its sleep too, it engulfs all other feelings and you seemed to have lost in touch of life.. so I planned to take you to space where you really wished to be.. where you can enjoy life too and also make you realize that all will be gone one day.. so better do something good for society’

Rocky ‘so I was not suffering from AIDS’

Julie ‘your immune system to normal mortals were destroyed.. disambiguation is AIDS’

Rocky has smile on his face

Rocky ‘Julie.. thanks for making me realize money never sleeps but when we sleep let us not have money in our mind’



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