Christmas love

Nancy is in love with Geff and wishes to surprise him on Christmas.

She just realized she is pregnant and as Geff is her boss and manager, and they do understand that Nancy will rear the kid and Geff will only support her.. so it seems a perfect arrangement till…

Geff ‘Nancy.. my wife has got a whiff of our affair.. I think we will need to break’

Nancy ‘common.. I never tried to snatch you from her.. so’

Geff ‘I too am getting a bit stifled..  somewhere in our startup.. all are aware of our relation.. including investors so it becomes a big problem’

Nancy ‘pain, endurance, compassion all for a cause..  our love dear’

Geff ‘extremely sorry..’

Nancy is left high and dry.. and has tears in her eyes

1 year later

Margret ‘Geff… a baby boy.. I adopted.. ‘

Geff ‘common.. why at this age’

Margret ‘love sometimes tends to fear and have more surprises for you this year’

Geff ‘what is it?’

Margret ‘Adopting the boy’s mom too’

Geff ‘common.. hope you are in senses’

Margret ‘am in full senses.. she will visit us on Christmas day’

on 25th

Geff opens the door and finds Nancy

Geff is shocked

Margret greats Nancy

Margret ‘Geff… always remember compassion is all about accepting even strangers with love.. forgiving a sin has given me sort of salvation.. and as long as we human realize our boundaries.. I think all will go well.. am not saying you guys committed sin.. but why a kid should suffer..  when you run startup.. atleast learn the basic of not to disown the mentor and the baby in one go.. you removed your most trustworthy technical resource and literally..’

Nancy ‘I wanted to surprise him.. but’

Geff has drop of tears in his eyes

Margret ‘Merry Christmas guys.. stop brooding and if relations get expanded.. for whatsoever reasons.. welcome them’


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