A new beginning again

Mark is sitting near the seashore and watching the sun set… end of another year..

Mark had a turbulent 2016.. his startup crashed… he had quit a job in 2013 and even got invested.. however burnout took toll.. his staff also have decided to quit..

His fiance Julie rushes from behind and hugs him tightly…

Mark smiles weakly..

Julie ‘common Mark.. it is not end of world.. you tried.. you failed… but do you know one important aspect of life.. the sun will rise again tomorrow.. you will again have a good morning so now.. please gear up for new year eve’

Mark ‘the sea waves calm my mind… Wish to give an important tip to startups’

Mark ‘if you are down and out.. do give a big hug to your girl friend or spouse and say a big sorry for neglecting them’

Julie hugs Mark tightly and gives a big laugh

Julie ‘and please be sure if your cofounders, staff really wish to be part of startup ecosystem or they are seeking only jobs else every year will be a fruitless new beginning so do disrupt and bring team innovations’



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