Lively moment

Lively moments are ones where you can actually feel the pleasure of being in that moment and totally engrossed in those moments, leaving all woes, sorrows, futuristic thoughts left behind. You are enjoy that moment because you really participate in that moment..

Participating in an endeavor alone makes a difference.. so please do participate in whatsoever activities or ventures or programs you are associated with.


Suspense of Life – 2

Why it greets someone so suddenly.

A sudden determined mood and it impacts millions of people.. Any form of control brings an unrest

Suddenly find sparrows missing almost negligble in my town.. What could be the reason? I started looking at sky.. birds too disappearing.. is it because of polution? some chemical which is getting in air…  and then when we correlate it to the number of dengue cases, chicken guine cases… insects disappeared suddenly..? Someone quoted the world would perish in 50 years..  there is a scientific ecosystem built and control comes somewhere..

but if humans begin to control existence of other human..  there will be an unrest.. so whatsoever decision we take, let us not try to harm someone else’s life because of that and if an individual really end up taking decision and that someone else is impacted too, bofh of individuals are caught on an unknown suspense of life (good or bad..) decision has been made.. so consequences are bound to exist.

Whoever decides to control anything needs to understand consequences of those controls and if it is acceptable.. god bless all the humans caught in those consequences as well as god bless the controller.   so we need to accomodate insects too for our ecosystem to flourish and if you are accomodating insects, then you need a sparrow too to balance the ecosystem.

What may look good earlier may look bad today.. what may look bad today may look better tomorrow… so why to toss self from past to present to future, rather enjoy the present on as it is basis as if we are given a body, soul, heart, mind and mouth.. someone will take care of us and feed us too..  just to balance the ecosystem


Whatsoever someone does which will impact many negatively can be avoided or should be avoided if possible.





A big knock on door.. Jack receives a letter

Jack ‘Am surprised… a tax notice.. there is absolutely nothing in my startup and still’

Rosy ‘One minute.. let me read’

Rosy ‘you missed the filing’

Jack ‘is it not wierd.. on one side we need to slog and manage investor aspirations and on other side am now being hounded by officials’

Rosy ‘do not miss filing returns.. in future.. luckily I have a friend who is a CPA.. will take that person’s assistance

Jack ‘you never told me earlier’

Rosy ‘sometimes we forget that cofounders can be your able girlfriend or wife too’


Waterless Emotions

Still as she stands

Lifeless as she feels

Just the otherday

Everything around her blossomed

Just moments ago.. everything crashed..

Why no tears if it had to?

Why no feelings if it had to?

All good things come to an end..

All bad things too come to an end..

So why to cry over something bad

She remains lifeless just for a moment

A next bright morning

She again smiles

Greeting life with open arm


Why you chose to be an entrepreneur?

Why you chose to be an entrepreneur?

It is in my blood

I didn’t get a job for many years

I am uneducated and didnt get good job

I thought if my neighbour was successful, why not me?

I feel it is safer to show am doing something rather then showing myself jobless in my resume

I will sure want to succeed and achieve a good flexible lifestyle then present one.

I wanted to experiment with learning business

Only business can give us more money

Dear readers.. 

all may not wish to be entrepreneurs but one who decide, need to understand reasons for doing so seeped in their mind and then no looking back


Why do the world love grey people?

Why do the world love grey people?

Ones who are theatrical, boistorous, excellent speakers.. and may be making news for all wrong reasons and still the world gets in awe of them..

Arif is doing some serious research on ‘Grey people’ and is also looking at startups initiated in psychological space which can identify the grey components in individual’s brain..

Arif ‘Sandra.. first and foremost.. grey individuals are one who can be good and bad both.. and reasons they are successful is because they know to say NO too easily’

Sandra ‘my husband.. never I knew what type of person he was.. he would hit me.. but still I loved being with him.. he had a successful startup and many would hate him .. his staff but he would give them good perks, incentives so.. there he was successful’

Arif ‘it is because we human are always having some fear, some hidden desire which we know we cannot fulfill due to our own limitation and when we see someone else doing so.. we admire their guts’

Sandra ‘what will be your outcome of this research?’

Arif ‘find all grey people and have them be presented as possible mentors for startups’

Sandra ‘are you crazy?’

Arif ‘Reasons grey characters keep making mistakes quite often.. and that gives enough grounds for other person to make them get another chance.. due to simple reason because that grey character attempted.. took more chance.. can get more cautious and may not repeat old mistakes or even if they do.. it will be just to make noises’

Sandra ‘cool.. keep your research up.. strange fictions..  some new dimension to entrepreneurship theories’

Arif smiles…


Love can wait

Rob ‘Love can wait.. this opportunity is once in life time.. I have to be in USA for 2 years.. and with stringent visa rules, never know what next’

Mary ‘In Vietnam, we always wonder.. why this rush push to US.. is $ so important to all of us’

Rob ‘obviously.. ‘

Mary ‘separating out family, friends, dear ones .. all for slogging for some company and grow it.. and then what you get in return?’

Rob ‘we need to improve quality of living.. Ok.. then I will be leaving this weekend’

Mary sighs…

Mary ‘imagine if the whole immigrants just decide to return back one day?’

Rob ‘we will see what will happen then…but that is a land of opportunity and that is where we observe multiple startups , ideas, investments all happening in a nice way’

Mary ‘ok.. then we can call it quits’

Rob ‘thanks for understanding me…’

Mary ‘hope you understood me too’



Positivity is all about bringing in positive vibes to all around us.

If we begin with a negative thought, things are ought to go negative as we have conditioned our mind to think so..

If we begin with a positive feeling and even if we fail, and remain calm, that is the hallmark of a sportsman and in true spirit you clap at other person’s success and strive hard to become successful again..

giving up hope is not a solution and we need to fight our own small battles to remain positive throughout our journey of life.