200 startups closed in India – road ahead?

200 startups shut their shops in India compared to 140

Why so?

  1. Funds dear… no one wishes to fund seed stage startups a large money unless you have blessings of being good news item or you have some founders from top ranking schools
  2. Business Model never got tested and entrepreneurs jumping to get more funds.
  3. Sudden realization that all the pumping does go down the drain as machines can never replace man and logistic issues can get resolved only through self realization of conserving energy, using less car drives, stop giving too much discounts etc
  4. Aggregation and aggregation… how much can we unite things when out there in history.. divide and rule is seeped in.. so n number of competitors creep in and is this model is as old as ‘lost and found movie making strategy’.. nevertheless it keeps growing and then shuts down too.
  5. Food stuff at delivery.. yummy yummy… but then if people get bored of eating at home, they will get bored of eating from one startup joint too… so soon.. after initial buzz all fail

What could be road ahead

  1. Frugal innovation which are scalable.
  2. Internet of Things which can be captured easily in any platform and analytics accomplished.
  3. Any payment options which are easy and cheaper to consumers
  4. Any charging modules for any type of products (telecom gadgets, cars etc)
  5. Technology innovations which can scale to be a framework does have potential





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