Start to finish

Start to finish is a race played by a group of entrepreneurs in Philippines.. A popular one

where a group of startups will spend 1 week to identify common pain points in local market, 1 week to build solution. 1 week to test the same and 1 week to market test..

One of strange problem is put forth to Jack the chief of this game

Jack ‘how to reduce robbery in the bylane’

Jack ‘interesting.. who wishes to work on this problem’

James ‘we…’

Jack ‘James.. identify other bylanes where this problem exists.. if we have more then 5.. you are game for this project’

James ‘already completed market research’

Jack ‘what is your solution?’

James ‘2 security guards managing bylanes.. and an amazing innovation.. whenever a person is standing for more then 10 minutes in same place.. a focused light through from top..(A device empaneled rotating and scanning for people’

Jack ‘what is the implementation cost…’

James ‘100$’

Jack ‘who will pay?’

James ‘each house in those bylanes pay only US$10 per month.. and with 200 houses.. we get US$2000 and we pay US$1000 to the security guard.. so a profit of near 100 percent’

Jack ‘cool… the start to finish game begins’

One month later..

James ‘100 bylanes empaneled with us…  raising seed fund soon’


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