Love can wait

Rob ‘Love can wait.. this opportunity is once in life time.. I have to be in USA for 2 years.. and with stringent visa rules, never know what next’

Mary ‘In Vietnam, we always wonder.. why this rush push to US.. is $ so important to all of us’

Rob ‘obviously.. ‘

Mary ‘separating out family, friends, dear ones .. all for slogging for some company and grow it.. and then what you get in return?’

Rob ‘we need to improve quality of living.. Ok.. then I will be leaving this weekend’

Mary sighs…

Mary ‘imagine if the whole immigrants just decide to return back one day?’

Rob ‘we will see what will happen then…but that is a land of opportunity and that is where we observe multiple startups , ideas, investments all happening in a nice way’

Mary ‘ok.. then we can call it quits’

Rob ‘thanks for understanding me…’

Mary ‘hope you understood me too’


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