Bottled up Startups

Bottled Up startups are the ones who are wishing to come out of their shell and explore; disrupt the world with innovation..

So there you have startup entrepreneurs; controling your cool, diplomatically smiling, being networked, being connected to seek more experiences and just being self at times is lost.. as whatsoever needs to be done is through controlled emotions.

There could be many trying to validate and confirm whether the controlled emotions do exist in an entrepreneur as eventually an entrepreneur needs to be a diplomatic person and have the product or service speak for itself.

Innovation is a perception which we feel is largely found in startup culture however MNCs and Large Corporates have begun the think-tank sessions to bring the innovation.

One of the most important trait for an entrepreneur is to understand what has bottled up and what needs to be vomitted of before the emotions burst in form of admiting a failure or before an entrepreneur realizes that only being on investor’s funds is not the right thing so in case a right team or right cofounder or right resource needed to fit into your venture success.. Do it right way… Vent out your weaknesses in the dark or write it on a piece of paper and review it again. Once confirmed, strive to overcome them and once you realize your weakness cannot be overcomed so easily.. Just get going and identify the right skilled partner to help you and grow you. It is not about face value but market value which eventually plays an important role.

Failures are part of life, it is better to understand causes of failure and take control of those rather then bottling up the causes of failures and not taking control of your own venture. This will only make you feel like a bottled up startup.

Mingle Companion

Sam is a budding investor ¬†and a loner… To ensure he keeps a companion; he puts an advertisement

‘wanted young charming girl to look after me’

Soon he get couple of profile…

Interesting enough he choose Dia who is a budding journalist to be with him…

Sam ‘Dia.. do you know at this age.. am just seeking someone who is besides me’

Dia ‘yes.. am aware….’

Soon enough… Sam is happy with Dia…and they enjoy each other’s company..

one fine day

Sam ‘No investments happening from my end.. properly.. someone ends up sharing my strategies to my competitors and I end up loosing client’

Dia ‘dear.. relax.. possibly they have better proposition’

Sam ‘it is not straight…’

A month later

Sam ‘hey … how come you know Morris my competitor… I just happened to see an old photo of yours with him… accidently.. got to know from Morris’s most trust worthy person who shared this photo of yours’

Dia ‘He is my past…’

Sam ‘this is strange coincidence… ‘

Sam continues to loose his investments however now he has got smarter.. he begins cross checking all profiles he received in that advertisement’

Sam ‘let me cross check .. if all of them are from Morris’s associate’

Sam ‘Jack.. you are the most trust worthy officer of Morris.. please help me on these profiles’

Jack begins smiling..

Jack ‘All are his ex employees’

Sam ‘Now I got the whole story.. so it is a systematic sabotage’

Jack ‘yes… as you never allowed him to invest in good proposals.. before he would arrive.. the deals would be yours’

Sam returns home

Sam ‘Dia… it is over.. I do not need anyone now… can look after self’

Dia ‘wait a minute..are you aware I have a 3 month baby of yours ‘

Sam ‘common… do not talk rubbish’

Dia ‘trust me..’

Sam returns back to his room and wonders ‘a small litle mistake of asking for companion and this is what am now in… hope people are careful when they get vulnerable in their life and try to adventure themselves to unknown territories’


Valentine Day Wishes

Wish all of you a very happy valentine day…

Pure Love is one which is san any expectation from your beloved

True Love is one which keeps giving always to your beloved

Valentine Love is one where your beloved expects atleast a rose if nothing else.

Valentine Love is one where your beloved expects atleast a great if nothing else

So ensure you wish all your beloved ones today.



Life at Top

Life can be too aloof at top… you may have everything but you will feel you have nothing..

You may get the aroma of success with lots of folks clamoring around you, wanting to be part of you but deep inside, you may wish a space of your own..

Quil ‘I have always been a topper yet I feel i should still be at top’

Susan ‘Dear Quil.. do you know, none of us compete with you… you are different.. you are much better then all of us.. so we gave up competing with you way back… you are only competing with yourself and unfortunately you are not aware of this’

Quil ‘common..I never realized.. our competitor ZOM is way behind us.. but they are getting more and more clients’

Susan ‘it is because of simple approach of declaring that they are poor in quality may be compared to us, but they can provide good maintenance support at reasonable cost’

Quil suddenly realizes that most of his employees had left him because of the space he wanted to be in.. and would always have false praising group around him’

Quil ‘it is a wake up call I guess.. Life at top also means.. looking at life at ground level and working towards being firmly on ground and look at things in a practical way to find solutions and disrupt your own self every 5 years to come up with something new for self and others’