H1B and L1 Visa

Mayank is a H1B visa holder in USA and is joyful at the thought of increase in salaries..

Back at office, CEO James is absolutely anxious. On one side it is quite easy to let go Mayank and on other side it is also good to get US citizens and let them get employment opportunities.

James ‘Melissa… I suggest you begin the recruitment drive here’

Melissa ‘Ok Sir’

James ‘How many H1B candidates we have?’

Melissa ‘500’

James ‘L1”

Melissa ‘600’

James ‘we need to now see how many may need to let go to their countries again’

Melissa ‘Sir.. it is total unsettlement for them’

James ‘we cannot help… however I feel this is also going to bring positive changes.. it may help US individuals to be happy, cheerful and yes.. they need to perform too… and in case they find themselves limiting, they will be happy to work as team with other country individuals.. US is a country with a history of immigrants working to grow US together.. so I feel things will move in right way’

Melissa ‘offshore opportunities may increase’

James ‘you are right… and it also helps US to get better quality resources work’

Melissa ‘but it will curb aspirations of 2-3 year experienced resources to get chance to see US’

James ‘Ideally a new visa can be introduced… which supports a cross country knowledge exchange program… which will have a uniform structure.. say US$50000 and a mandate provided where for every visa issued US for workpermit, a similar workpermit be provided to US resource to work in other country’

Melissa ‘it is a great idea’

James ‘PASSION is all about thought process, a strong zeal to enable people to work better whether it is in a company or a startup. Hope someone reads this and implements this and shares it with top wigs… and ofcourse acknowledge PASSION FRAMEWORK for same :)’




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