Twist of Fate

Jenny ‘am fedup trying to fend for self.. want to take job soon’

Mary ‘am fedup of routine.. want to do something different’

Jenny gets a call

Mary ‘why you look tensed?’

Jenny ‘I just got a call that my startup has a potential buyer.. 1M$.. and I need to work as employee in it for 2 years.. ‘

Mary ‘cool.. I too have an offer to cofound a company’

Jenny ‘it is great.. we both have got something different’

2 weeks later

Jenny ‘Mary.. how come you are my workplace’

Mary ‘even for me it is a surprise..  Gary tookover this company.. and he has asked me to cofound it’

Jenny ‘oh I see. so am an employee to you now’

Mary ‘weird as it looks.. yes..’

Jenny ‘did I make a mistake by selling company too soon’

Gary smiles

Gary ‘chill pill… you have got your own money.. and now work too so just get going’



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