Startup Lessons from Yoga

Meditate and relax before taking any decisions – do not be in a hurry

TADASAN is holding your head high and balancing self with stretching the legs upward.. It conveys that you need to balance the investor sentiments by stretching self to grow big. Work hard…

PADMASAN where in you sit with your legs in a particular position teaches us that you will be in pains only till the time you become flexible.. Once you are flexible, you will find pains diminishing all the way

Halasan means.. where in you put your entire leg backward exercising the back makes us realize that for your foundations to be built strong, you need to take a step backward and compromise on salaries

Sarvangasan is where you are putting your feets upward and it rejuvinates your entire body..  and this means… you need to rejuvinate all your resources continuously for creativity flows moving between them for building better product or service

Shavasan is where you succumb to the goal fully and just remain calm, composed and oriented to achive your goal.. your entire body is in dead state…you realize that nothing can be beyond death of a startup..

So just relax and get going.. and have your initiatives pursued by you.




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