Jolly means happiness..

Joy initiated this venture Jolly to spread happiness… till one day…

Joy ‘Sarah.. how come you are here’

Sarah ‘am filing a divorce case with my husband’

Joy ‘but you had left me as you fell in love with him.. so how come within 3 years’

Sarah ‘sometimes we tend to just look at exterior part and forget internal beauty’

Joy smiles…

Joy ‘anyways .. have also initiated a startup Jolly..  am collecting all the court cases and whoever is having hard time to resolve matter, I call all of them in a hall and entertain them with closed case stories’

Sarah ‘common… it means you are sharing confidential details’

Joy ‘No.. all fiction.. no correlation with dead or alive… example…

I was in love with a girl so beautiful.. so ravishing and then one day she left me just because I seemed too ordinary for her.. I looked at my hairstyle, I looked at my shoes and then the black coat and wondered.. if I could be better.. and then felt.. maybe I am non perfect but then who is so perfect.. if she left me. she will come back to me again oneday.. and so what if she is married earlier, for me I love her still.. so why not start afresh with a rose again’

Sarah smiles..

Sarah ‘so many stories to tell me that you still love me’

Joy smiles.. and hugs Sarah


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