Life at Top

Life can be too aloof at top… you may have everything but you will feel you have nothing..

You may get the aroma of success with lots of folks clamoring around you, wanting to be part of you but deep inside, you may wish a space of your own..

Quil ‘I have always been a topper yet I feel i should still be at top’

Susan ‘Dear Quil.. do you know, none of us compete with you… you are different.. you are much better then all of us.. so we gave up competing with you way back… you are only competing with yourself and unfortunately you are not aware of this’

Quil ‘common..I never realized.. our competitor ZOM is way behind us.. but they are getting more and more clients’

Susan ‘it is because of simple approach of declaring that they are poor in quality may be compared to us, but they can provide good maintenance support at reasonable cost’

Quil suddenly realizes that most of his employees had left him because of the space he wanted to be in.. and would always have false praising group around him’

Quil ‘it is a wake up call I guess.. Life at top also means.. looking at life at ground level and working towards being firmly on ground and look at things in a practical way to find solutions and disrupt your own self every 5 years to come up with something new for self and others’



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