Holi – lessons to learn

There is this story of a person (A king) who became very powerful.. and egoistic.. so much that he wished every one to obey his command. However his son refused to do that.. he had a great devotion to the lord. Soon enough the egoistic person, took help of his sister and even decided to kill his own son.. He knew his sister would not get effected because of the boon of not getting burnt. However unknown to her that she would survive only if she jumped into fire alone, she took charge of the son and jumped in pyre only to find herself burnt to ashes. The son survived…

What can be learnt from this story is legendry

  1. good defeats evil ultimately.
  2. be grounded and not succumb to power
  3. people can give you a chance because of your positive deeds, but will pull you down the moment you become arrogant and egoistic.. so need to realize that power is temporary.. your goodwill is permanent
  4. love for your dearones most important. do not try to trample them to move upwards..
  5. be helpful as much as possible to ones around you
  6. Do not be overconfident of self as life will surprise you immediately too soon before you realize it

So wish all a happy holi and enjoy the festival

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