Sarah wakes up one fine day to find her old house getting demolished.. This is one of most shocking bitter experiences of her life.. Staying for over 50 years and now this news

The albums, the photos, the old memories.. all being wiped out in just few days from now..

Sarah ‘life is such that it can crumble any time’

Moses ‘Sarah.. you strived for that entire community… revamped it… and then what you finally got’

Sarah ‘I only hope they keep a small little space for my memories there’

Moses ‘Sarah.. what happened to your kids.. why they didn’t keep you?’

Sarah ‘they did.. but I was hope and against hope pining for being in same property life long’

Moses ‘always realize that in our life we carry so many bagages of past.. and load ourselves with too much.. just demolish them and you are again reborn to pursue whatsoever again’

Sarah ‘this is what I guide in my entrepreneurship classes but never can do it for self.. alas.. let me try though’


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