Slow runner

Mary ‘I have been a slow runner always’

Tom ‘no problems… the one who runs slow, has a chance to run faster later as has still conserved energy ‘

Mary looks surprised..

Tom ‘in life if we wish to accelerate too soon, there will be no other milestones left later, so you may end up time spending on philanthrophy, more business, more hobby pursuits etc.. but then even you may get bored with that.. as there is no compeling reason to live your life’

Mary is silent

Tom ‘so do not regret you are a slow runner.. I am an Investor.. happily investing in startups.. but that zeal to do something on own is lost.. even I do.. because I had loads of money.. am not too ambitious now.. and I always feel life should be lived at right moments, right time with right contribution to pain and success spanned out in entire life span rather then an imbalanced one’


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