What is in name?

Name can influence anyone..

Barber Choosa put his name in facebook and asked for likes.. He was willing to change his name based on popular choice..

1 week later Choosa got a response

a) Why are you so hung up on name..? do you cut the hair properly?

b) Why cannot you rename self as Barbo Clean?

c) Smooth Shaver

and finally the master piece

Harry Cutter

Choosa liked the name and from an Indian barber he became an international one..  He started getting international tourists as his client.. He took a shop near the metro station and it was no looking back.. He befriended international travelers and would ensure Harry Cutter gets visible all over..

Till one fine day he gets a notice..

Harry Potter sues Harry Cutter

So guy’s whenever you decide on a name.. please ensure it doesn’t have copy right issues

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