startup evangelist

Muthu is an evangelist trying to build an ecosystem for startups in a small city at Kerala.

One day he gets a note from a celebrity in US

“can you build an ecosystem for me to promote my latest upcoming movie Gemini’

Muthu is surprised.. he feels it is a hoax..

Muthu emails his details to James

Next day James calls up..

James ”our film has its base in Kerala and we are launching a surprise social work project in Indian communities’

Muthu ‘what is it all about?’

James ‘create clusters of people who can promote our films in India’

Muthu ‘how much will we get?”

James ”per 1000 group creation, around 1000$’

Muthu ”why… dont you use advertisements etc’

James ‘we want to build a brand… a social value brand till Gemini gets released’

Muthu ‘what is Gemini all about?’

James ”It is an adventure film on how one startup in world got greedy and began acquiring multiple startups till one day the founder realized that rather then acquiring, why not stay together with mutual coexistence and there begins his journey to become startup evangelist.. a trigger to boost community formation’

Muthu ”Sir… but why me of.. all person’

James ”you have 10000 followers..  so why not you..”

3 months later

Muthu ‘Sir covered entire gave me 20000US$ till date and I reached out to 20000 families.. and even talked about your adventure film and Gemini.. but still not sure what are you trying to get out me?’

James ”Muthu… Gemini is not about startups but about entertainment and how it influences people..  can you try out for me something?’

Muthu ”what?”

James ”will they register themselves on gemini app for Rs100/-”

Muthu ”let me try..’

1 month later

James ”20000 families onboarded just because of you.. I managed to raise US$1M.. so am giving you back US$100K.. please return back Rs200/- to them”

Muthu ”Sir.. I will teach them Digital Literacy with 100 bucks and return back 100”

James ”cool…. our mission to Digital Literacy begins from now on.. training 20000 families”

Muthu ”I was assuming, I was an evangelist.. but you came up with so much of fiction.. I lost track.. however now I realized this whole drama of onboarding so many individuals in your scheme of piloting your startup”


Departed Expressions

Life is such that when someone departs away from you far away,

you realize that some interactions could have happened all along

as life did give you chance to interact..

Love is such, how much ever you ignore… you are connected

Ego is such.. how much ever you try.. it keep’s increasing

The walls of silence, which a couple brings in.. all of sudden.. all along

Life is such that when some departs, just a drop of tear or a sudden pause

Is life so bad, that an ego can make a relation come to stand still…

Wake up tomorrow, reach out to your dear one..

As life is such.. that you still have an opportunity to begin interaction

else what..

Departed Expressions just a smile.. I was always there dear for you..

you didn’t feel I was there for you.. so it is your problem.. not mine..

(A message to all the lovers, couples, friends, neighbors, citizens.. just begin mingling with ones whom you nurture grouse with.. as may be life will give you pleasent surprise too)


Unreached schemes, Untold failures

Most of the time, we find government announcing multiple schemes and make promises to revamp the region and provide employment opportunity and also foster entrepreneurship spirit.

Jag a multi millionaire in US is wondering how the H1B visa’s will hit his business.

Mani in India feeels the Startup , Wakeup  is all a big buzz but ground reality is 250000 private limited companies defunct and even if consider US$500 to start a company, it is a whooping  12.5M$ dead.. not also considering the authorized share capital.

Neenu  the house maid wonders how she can survive in less then 20$/month for her family

Rob the person in a popular food joint in US, wonders does $50/day be enough for survival and education.

One day a news flashes

”Unreached Schemes, Untold Failutes”

What is USUF.  It is all about us in the scheme of politics and all about us in scheme of failures.  Why exactly does a scheme fail.?

Ace Journalist Rick begins interviewing various politicians

Rick ‘why you feel most of schemes fail?’

Politician ‘because we know it may fail and not be successful fully?’

Rick ‘why you try to implement?’

Politician ”disruptive inroads always fail..  do you really believe made in XYZ country with LMN citizens from same country can really be of any sense in this global world where individuals have got used to air flights, malls, imported/  exported stuffs and where people plan tours overseas month in advance and not also to think of the virtual marriages and divorces or seperations? ”

Rick is shocked

Rick ‘then why you make such statements?”

Politician ”we need to curb.. we need to channelize.. we need to ensure we bring smiles in people.. Look at the miracle.. Each country began canceling / curbing visa’s”

Rick ”what will be future of unemployed youth”

Politician ”relax.. more schemes are going to be announced. we are just setting up and training our agents to desiminate those.. they are being trained.. but they get confused too.. Banks too.. people too.. our intention is honest.. but Agents decide to become commission agents”

Rick ‘what about fast accelerated citizen ship offers in company?”

Politician ”hetre is the catch.. on one side, am supposed to be loyal and only think of MAKE In LMN but on other side I need, my country needs money too, so do invite investors.. and smiles”

Rick ”great going..  Is this relevant to any country?”

Politician ‘An agitation begins because of deprival. so don’t worry much on US/India or as matter of fact any country.. all of them doing their own bit to unite the world.. but disintegration  / integration is all part of this universe..  Am not also from any of these countries.. ”

Rick is hit by the alarm..

Rick ‘Oh God.. what a dream.. who is it.. I should hit Mani and Jag for hammering me with all their concerns.. uncertainty..  and then this disintegrity / integrity words stay in my mind’

Louisa pings the bell..

Louisa ‘good news.. my Phd on Integrity in Masses approved.. “‘

Rick ”hey wait a minute.. now I recollect where that word stayed in my mind”

Louisa ” seem to be overboard with thoughts.. sleep well”



Change in Self

Sam was an outright cribber. He always found flaws in whatsoever work taken. He would crib and solve the problem.

One day his friend Rocky meets him..

Rocky ‘I wonder why you keep slogging and even then continue to solve problems of people’

Sam ‘not sure why.. I too am fedup..’

Rocky ”bring change in self. Learn to accept imperfections. Soon you will solve only few problems’

Few days later Sam is enjoying a drink

Rocky ‘so how are you doing now?’

Sam ‘I decided to solve one problem of mine.. bringing change in myself. So here I drink, next I walk in those roads of central park and keep continuing.. catch metro, return back home.. play soft music and sleep’

Rocky ‘what about your wife and little daughter’?’

Sam sighs

Sam ‘in quest of perfection, I lost them too. She got married to somone.. Not sure whom and ..’

Rocky ‘didnt you bother to ask her.. with whom she stayed?’

Sam ‘small ego’s I have.. so’

Rocky ‘wait for 5 minutes.. then will drop you home’

After 5 mins, both stroll to the lobby

Sam ‘hey what is she doing in your cab.. and my daughter too’

Rocky ‘come lets get into car and talk’

Rocky ‘you are founder of so many startups but failed to adjust.. and she came with this problem to me.. and then.. I informed her lets give him time.. he will get fedup of what he is doing.. and then you again enter back in his life’

Sam has drops of tears in his eyes

Sam ‘Rocky.. indeed you prove to be my best friend’


Relation of 2 ants

Ant 1 ‘why are we always together’

Ant 2 ‘because we need to be together’

Ant 1 ‘why?’

Ant 2 ‘god decided to make us be together always’

Ant 1 ”i will disappear one day’

a few days latter

Ant 2 searches and finds Ant 1 is dead

Ant 2 ‘what an end.. just had it been with me always, I could have saved it’

Philosophy  ‘be united cofounders. do not get into conflict else the startup may just crash’


Beloved Startups

Beloved Startups, the era of investors running for good idea, seed funding is diminishing. now is the time where they would be more happy to invest on proven business model, profit making companies and ones who already have a well defined team built.

So did you already drain minimum US$10000 on your venture? If yes.. ask Ms Lovely about her experience..

Lovely ‘am fedup.. everytime i kept chasing them.. but always negated for some reason or other.. and one day Jack came in my life’

Jack ‘Lovely.. i see you in all events.. am just an advisor.. neither an investor nor a startup.. why you waste here.. I do it just to be connected and if you wish to do so, this platform is good but do not run after investors.. they will run after you.. once you make profits’

Lovely ‘how.. My music portal hardly has any traffic. I need to build team’

Jack ‘PASSION.. what is it all about? just connecting dots..  Identify a company and set a deal.. for each positive response, they get 100 points and for just a response 50 points.. and if they give 100 positive response, it means they get 10000 points =  500$

Lovely ‘let me try it out’

4 weeks later

Lovely ”I make US$100.. he makes US$500.. it is wonderful… in 2 months, am in profit track’

Jack ‘please remember.. Investors are not GOD.. they are human.. Angels too are not GOD.. stop worrying too much about them..  what is the use of being an entrepreneur if you again have to behave like employee under Investors.. think about it.. just focus on your business rather then focusing on Investors”


Love 2020

Love happens many a time, heart refuses to understand that

Heart beats many a time, mind refuses to believe that

If love can happen so many times, why there is a loyalty to only one

If heat can beat so many times, why there is a trust on only one.

Love in 2020 is not about quantity but quality

If only whatsapp can bring proximity or instagram can make us realize that we did spend time together or facebook can help us realize how our friend circles changed

Love is not about keeping tab or track on numbers but acknowledging a fact that

love can happen any time all over again. so just stop wondering why it happened but rather realize spend absolute quality in person time with your beloved.

If yes.. forget about why it happened many times, as your beloved will rather be happy that you are still an inperson lover for him or her and not the virtual lover in the world of whatsapp.