Messy Startups – 2

Further symptoms..

  1. Multiple focuses
  2. Founder is exploring employment opportunities
  3. Family and friends part of venture leading to relaxed environment at times.
  4. Politics in small pockets
  5. Bureacracy
  6. Investor dominance
  7. Salaries not given in time
  8. Finance discipline missing
  9. Sense of belonging missing
  10. Social Media presence more focusngied on personal events rather then professional ones
  11. Too much hype with investor money
  12. Penny counting approach when it comes to mandatory requirements
  13. Too much talk on innovation with no real innovation in place..
  14. Unrealistic commitments to employee / clients to get short term work done
  15. Gossip believing culture
  16. Lots of resource movements in short time.
  17. Continuous changes in requirements
  18. Risk taking capacities missing
  19. Team spirit missing
  20. Winning motivation missing

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