Change in Self

Sam was an outright cribber. He always found flaws in whatsoever work taken. He would crib and solve the problem.

One day his friend Rocky meets him..

Rocky ‘I wonder why you keep slogging and even then continue to solve problems of people’

Sam ‘not sure why.. I too am fedup..’

Rocky ”bring change in self. Learn to accept imperfections. Soon you will solve only few problems’

Few days later Sam is enjoying a drink

Rocky ‘so how are you doing now?’

Sam ‘I decided to solve one problem of mine.. bringing change in myself. So here I drink, next I walk in those roads of central park and keep continuing.. catch metro, return back home.. play soft music and sleep’

Rocky ‘what about your wife and little daughter’?’

Sam sighs

Sam ‘in quest of perfection, I lost them too. She got married to somone.. Not sure whom and ..’

Rocky ‘didnt you bother to ask her.. with whom she stayed?’

Sam ‘small ego’s I have.. so’

Rocky ‘wait for 5 minutes.. then will drop you home’

After 5 mins, both stroll to the lobby

Sam ‘hey what is she doing in your cab.. and my daughter too’

Rocky ‘come lets get into car and talk’

Rocky ‘you are founder of so many startups but failed to adjust.. and she came with this problem to me.. and then.. I informed her lets give him time.. he will get fedup of what he is doing.. and then you again enter back in his life’

Sam has drops of tears in his eyes

Sam ‘Rocky.. indeed you prove to be my best friend’


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