Unreached schemes, Untold failures

Most of the time, we find government announcing multiple schemes and make promises to revamp the region and provide employment opportunity and also foster entrepreneurship spirit.

Jag a multi millionaire in US is wondering how the H1B visa’s will hit his business.

Mani in India feeels the Startup , Wakeup  is all a big buzz but ground reality is 250000 private limited companies defunct and even if consider US$500 to start a company, it is a whooping  12.5M$ dead.. not also considering the authorized share capital.

Neenu  the house maid wonders how she can survive in less then 20$/month for her family

Rob the person in a popular food joint in US, wonders does $50/day be enough for survival and education.

One day a news flashes

”Unreached Schemes, Untold Failutes”

What is USUF.  It is all about us in the scheme of politics and all about us in scheme of failures.  Why exactly does a scheme fail.?

Ace Journalist Rick begins interviewing various politicians

Rick ‘why you feel most of schemes fail?’

Politician ‘because we know it may fail and not be successful fully?’

Rick ‘why you try to implement?’

Politician ”disruptive inroads always fail..  do you really believe made in XYZ country with LMN citizens from same country can really be of any sense in this global world where individuals have got used to air flights, malls, imported/  exported stuffs and where people plan tours overseas month in advance and not also to think of the virtual marriages and divorces or seperations? ”

Rick is shocked

Rick ‘then why you make such statements?”

Politician ”we need to curb.. we need to channelize.. we need to ensure we bring smiles in people.. Look at the miracle.. Each country began canceling / curbing visa’s”

Rick ”what will be future of unemployed youth”

Politician ”relax.. more schemes are going to be announced. we are just setting up and training our agents to desiminate those.. they are being trained.. but they get confused too.. Banks too.. people too.. our intention is honest.. but Agents decide to become commission agents”

Rick ‘what about fast accelerated citizen ship offers in company?”

Politician ”hetre is the catch.. on one side, am supposed to be loyal and only think of MAKE In LMN but on other side I need, my country needs money too, so do invite investors.. and smiles”

Rick ”great going..  Is this relevant to any country?”

Politician ‘An agitation begins because of deprival. so don’t worry much on US/India or as matter of fact any country.. all of them doing their own bit to unite the world.. but disintegration  / integration is all part of this universe..  Am not also from any of these countries.. ”

Rick is hit by the alarm..

Rick ‘Oh God.. what a dream.. who is it.. I should hit Mani and Jag for hammering me with all their concerns.. uncertainty..  and then this disintegrity / integrity words stay in my mind’

Louisa pings the bell..

Louisa ‘good news.. my Phd on Integrity in Masses approved.. “‘

Rick ”hey wait a minute.. now I recollect where that word stayed in my mind”

Louisa ”dear..you seem to be overboard with thoughts.. sleep well”



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