Sabse bada dollar?

Once upon a time, there was this movie Sabse Bada Rupaiyyah (Money comes at top) and an entertaining story…

but how is Dollar relevant today?

Joy ”Pound is better.. more amount we get in India”

Samuel “Do you know dollar.. many CA”s actually collect dollars as hobbies in hope one day dollar will reach 100 rupee and they make a great killing”

Mark dear friend of Samuel ”I am most of time glued to monitor to check where rupee depriciates and I transfer money.. even cent savings is important”

Harry “Me too not investing these days as rupee seems to appreciate.. good lucks.. let us wait for $ to rise”

Munna “What is big deal… what rises will fall down.. what falls will rise.. or will not rise again”

James “Human values if it falls below.. then”

Munna ”will rise again..  when no money exists, love exists.. and when money exists, love doesn’t”

Elisa “common economics professors.. this is our annual meet and you are talking about Sabse bada Dollar…   Munna… you are teaching us Hindi in your own style.. coming all way from Delhi Economics department.. gold medalist.. unbelievable”

Munna sips a wine and looks upward…

“currency is so important in our life that we forget the currents in it and just succumb to it..  anyone can leave anything for it.. and when it leaves you… we remember all who were left by us because of it””



Faltered Role Model

Som ”in our life many a time we choose role models and then…”

Mike ‘do not taunt me… agreed I imitated him.. just relied on lavish life style,.. did whatsoever he was doing and went bankrupt’

Som ‘ Look at nations.. in quest of imitation.. unemployment issue is overlooked..”

Mike ”relax.. we are going to get a big boom in employment soon”

Som ”let us stop this topic… I wanted to inform you of Jenny”

Mike has pains in his eyes..

Mike ”she..imitated her mother and broke from me”

Som ”can you stop it.. .do you know what happened to her”

Mike ”not sure.. last she was with me 5 years back”

Som ”she donated her last amount of fund to a village in India”

Mike ”so what… she has this habit of donating right from time I met her.. she distributed my wealth too”

Som ”she plans to work on a concept ”ALTERED ROLE MODEL”

Mike ”what is that…’

Som ”We should not blindly follow history and believe in it.. just at times, look at positive aspects of ecosystem and enjoy…   each person in this world has been destined to have a particular life style by default.. then the alteration process begins.. multiple teacher, friends, family relatives.. and so on .. each influence us.. so her concept is all about influencers in a person”s life and mapping them for you as gift.. the positive vs.. negative energy… did you like the concept?”

Mike ”Why she left me?”

Som ”because you had gone arrogant with your wealth.. you and those yatch parties with ladies”

Mike smiles…

Mike ”seriously..  life teaches us .. that when an anchor is at home.. never leave that anchor.. .can I meet her?”

Som ”who stopped you from meeting”

1 week latter

Mike in a Delhi 5 star hotel. calls up Jenny

Jenny ”hey… how are you doing..”

Mike ”altered model… plan to imitate you”

Jenny ”you ought to be kidding”

Mike ‘human relation of couple is such that if they gel well, understand well.. imitation process begins by default… Jenny I love you still.. can we give our relation and our faltered model of relationship another chance?:

Jenny ”let us go for a date today… evening Delhi Hatt’

In evening…

Mike ”so many state food and so yummy it looks.. wonder if stomach will get upset”

Jenny ”Mike.. so much of vibrancy here… sometimes.. I feel for all the imitations.. why cannot 2 countries.. 2 states.. all brain storm and make win-win employment situation”

Mike ”not again.. how come you also talking about same issue”

Jenny ”PASSION.. it compels me to think of a problem which all face in life… a low phase..

Mike ”Jenny can we check our future with this tarrot reader

a few minutes latter

The tarrot reader ”dear ones.. both of you are destined to be united together and be in India for long term”

Mike ”do not kid”

Tarrot reader sheepishly ”Sir.. you will be united together.. but we need bright entrepreneurs from USA to set up their offices in India.. be with us..”

Mike ”what is your background?”

Reader ”I was jobless for many years.. and then found here.. good number of god men succeed ”

Mike looks at Jenny ”please launch altered role model concept soon’

Reader ”what is that…’

Mike ‘dear tarrot reader.. we will be in India for long time”


Missed opportunity

Sheeba ”I don’t think this will work out.. it is an absolute eratic job in this startup.. hardly anyone seen..”

Sam ”dear.. all startups function that way… < 5 resources”

Sheeba ”but.. is it really worthwhile… hardly any bucks out here”

Sam “Ok.. I think you are cut off for a MNC.. push ahead”

10 months later

Sam “They had offered by 5% equity and by god’s grace an investor put in US$1M for 20%.. so have shares worth US$250K

Sheeba ‘gosh.. don’t tell me.. I cannot believe it”

Sam “Sheeba.. what we see at exterior is just not supposed to be seen.. please look at growth of self..  did you learn something.. did you gain knowledge.. did you get more experience.. and above all did you get the love and care from your owner..  all this builds good self esteem”

Sheeba ”I think I lost an opportunity.. tell me what to do now”

Sam “do some innovative thing in the MNC and prove self”



Bringing clarity to thought process is what Jenny was trying to convey in her address to young graduates..

Jenny ”our life needs to undergo a recession at least once.. reasons that is when we begin realize real worth of people who matter to us..”

Ram “In Hindu philosophy, a human has an opportunity for getting 3 such recession cycles..  called SADE-SATI”

Jenny ‘oh that is great.. so imagine 3 opportunities for you to change course of life or may be life will bring new changes by itself”

One of the student “Madam..  a bay. has 3 side water.. ”

Jenny “same holds true to human.. on one side spiritualism (which is deep as your heart permits), on second side, detachment (which is deep as your heart permits) and serving (which is as deep as your heart permits) and then materialism in form of land on one side

we chose to be in land as we fear the sea.. and heart is like ocean which may get flutters of spiritualism, detachment and serving qualities but eventually we prefer to remain where material exist”

Ram ‘”complex thought.. complex view of life.. never knew bay means clarity… clarity of choosing to not forget that we are having 3 important sides of life which we neglect (spiritualism, detachment and serving for cause)