Bringing clarity to thought process is what Jenny was trying to convey in her address to young graduates..

Jenny ”our life needs to undergo a recession at least once.. reasons that is when we begin realize real worth of people who matter to us..”

Ram “In Hindu philosophy, a human has an opportunity for getting 3 such recession cycles..  called SADE-SATI”

Jenny ‘oh that is great.. so imagine 3 opportunities for you to change course of life or may be life will bring new changes by itself”

One of the student “Madam..  a bay. has 3 side water.. ”

Jenny “same holds true to human.. on one side spiritualism (which is deep as your heart permits), on second side, detachment (which is deep as your heart permits) and serving (which is as deep as your heart permits) and then materialism in form of land on one side

we chose to be in land as we fear the sea.. and heart is like ocean which may get flutters of spiritualism, detachment and serving qualities but eventually we prefer to remain where material exist”

Ram ‘”complex thought.. complex view of life.. never knew bay means clarity… clarity of choosing to not forget that we are having 3 important sides of life which we neglect (spiritualism, detachment and serving for cause)

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