Missed opportunity

Sheeba ”I don’t think this will work out.. it is an absolute eratic job in this startup.. hardly anyone seen..”

Sam ”dear.. all startups function that way… < 5 resources”

Sheeba ”but.. is it really worthwhile… hardly any bucks out here”

Sam “Ok.. I think you are cut off for a MNC.. push ahead”

10 months later

Sam “They had offered by 5% equity and by god’s grace an investor put in US$1M for 20%.. so have shares worth US$250K

Sheeba ‘gosh.. don’t tell me.. I cannot believe it”

Sam “Sheeba.. what we see at exterior is just not supposed to be seen.. please look at growth of self..  did you learn something.. did you gain knowledge.. did you get more experience.. and above all did you get the love and care from your owner..  all this builds good self esteem”

Sheeba ”I think I lost an opportunity.. tell me what to do now”

Sam “do some innovative thing in the MNC and prove self”


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