Why did I stop growing?

Samuel was worried that he has not been growing in company for quite some time..

One day the HR calls him

HR  ”so.. dear.. last day for you”

Samuel ”i knew it was coming.. so ”

HR ”all the best”

2 days later Samuel is sitting near the sea shore, seeing the waves of see hitting the stones

Samuel has drops of tears ánd murmurs ‘serious fail entity I am”

there he is suddenly pushed by a kid

The kid burst out laughing at Samuel

Kid ”Uncle.. dont be so grumpy ok.. you have cute face, good eyes.. so handsome.. why you are crying”

Samuel ”with whom you came?”

Kid ”mom.. and she also keeps cribbing at home”

Samuel ”why dont you cry?”

Kid ”Mom said if I cry.. she will crib more.. and I dont want her to keep cribbing.. so no tears for me”

Samuel ”I want to ask you a question?”

Kid ”yes?”

Samuel ”do you feel you are growing every day”

Kid who is aged 9..  laughs and retorts ”every day same subjects but new topic..  new questions.. new answers.. so it is fun and at times I do not know the answer and teacher asks me to google and explore answers”

Samuel smiles.. he has got the answer

Samuel offers kid an icecream

Kid ”Mom..says do not take anything from strangers.. ”

Samuel ”do you feel you have grown?”

Kid ”i have not reached your height.. nor my mom”s so.. ”

Samuel returns back home..

Samuel ”is the challenges I failed to take, got complacent.. didnt experiment or felt I should need a help? I myself can grow as everything is within me.. google too exists.. so what i failed.. let me again get to school and learn more. Maybe I should seek opportunity where I will learn a lot”



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